New Forum Software Launch!

Dear monumental,

I hope this letter finds you well. First and foremost, I want to express my sincere appreciation for taking on the responsibility of continuing the development of Boundless. This game holds a special place in the hearts of many, including mine, and its vibrant community is a testament to the joy and creativity it has fostered.

As you may know, the recent acquisition of Boundless by your development team has sparked both excitement and apprehension among players like myself. We cherish this game and the community it has built over the years. More than anything, we desire transparency and respect from the new team.

The future of Boundless is a topic of great importance to us. We understand the need for the game to thrive financially, and we fully support efforts to make it sustainable. At the same time, our greatest hope is that any changes or updates to the game are made with consideration for its loyal players. Communication with the community, listening to our feedback, and maintaining the spirit of what makes Boundless special are key to ensuring its continued success.

We believe in your team’s potential to bring new ideas and improvements to Boundless. We are eager to see how you will shape its future and are hopeful that together, we can create an even better experience for all players.

Please remember that we are not just players; we are a community that cares deeply about this game. Our voices and concerns matter, and we trust that you will engage with us openly and respectfully as you embark on this new chapter with Boundless.

Thank you for your commitment and dedication to continuing the legacy of Boundless. We look forward to what lies ahead and remain optimistic about the journey we will take together.

With warm regards,

Savior (Ronnie Wines)
[Boundless Community member]


i think something channged along the way becouse after i bought the game i wanted to make forum account i was asking to use game credentials to log into forum, i was loging via this site

as i remember only game owners were able to post at forum, anyone were able to read but only verified users were able to post

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I also feel very strongly about my supernova badge.
Been waiting for more solid info before coming back…
Don’t want to lose that badge :pensive:

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Tiggs said they will stay here with these Forums Locked. You will still have them just not on the new forums…

we know forum will be locked, but you know, we worked hard for our Supernova badges, they showing our effort toward Boundless Community, i just love being able to show it :smiley:
with new forum, new system, my 5 years effort will be lost,
ill be NOONE amongst noones, im too old to start anew, as well i can be just anonymous account


I just want to know 1 thing before you start the new Forums Tiggs as I have a problem with newer & up to date versions of game forums.

Is the Word “Cookie” a Bad Word in the newer version I really don’t like that I can’t be named Cookie anywhere cause it’s considered a Bad Word is in your version of the new Forums is “Cookie” a bad word can I remain "Baby Cookie":sob: :sob: :sob: :cookie:


what??? why the hell COOKIE is bad word?

wait… did i overslept today? which year we have now? do they started to burning books?
well im going back to bed, dont wake me up

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Can I just say, it means a lot to me seeing that people are still finding that guide useful enough for it to be transferred to the new forms. Thank you :heart:


It’s still my go-to page for forging even the simplest forging of regen bomb


Yes I think it is a great guide for those new to forging. They can then experiment with things after that. It also shows how to make the most used Items. I give the link to new players to forging all the time.


You’ve been a big help to the community. So I’ll steal a phrase and say this.
“Thank you veteran Oortian. Thank you for your service.” :wink:


ill never forget your guide :smiley:
we even had it pinned at The Future discord usefull links ever :smiley:
im not into forging anymore but thanks to your awesome guide years ago i was able to forge my own t6 speed tools :smiley: i was so proud of myself :smiley:

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A current all chisels guide (but I can’t seem to locate one on the forums).
A how-to LED blocks guide
*will add links when found


maybe those?

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I’m in the same boat as well, unfortunately :frowning: Forever lurking, though!


Hey, it’s just my shout out to say that we (or I at least) appreciate everything you’ve done for the community. :fist:


So the new forum is where?

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WHEN is the new software launching?

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