New game idea: bucket jump

Like those cartoons where the guy jumps from really high into a bucket

Have ppl jump from max alt and try to land in a 1m square pool of water without dying

Elimination rounds

Last one alive wins

Could also have higher difficulty courses with rings to steer through on the way down (you can’t steer MUCH, but you can steer a little


You could put trampoline blocks midway down to add more accuracy checks too! I would participate.

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could get an achievement from successful jump (I think)

Ye i think it could be nice… also adding trampolines on mid air like @Dazeris said…
“You have to hit every trampoline level”…
If you dont hit you get penalty points or something.

slightly off center loops you have to pass through on the way down for extra points. might do some testing today :slight_smile:
EDIT: I did not read your last sentence. got too excited… yea…

anyway, I did do some ‘advanced’ loops a while ago that required precision and could be used in this too


Well I already won…lol…


meh you donkey kong man should ask for those barrels you love
that would be epic

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Did you ask superman for the rights.


I’m currently making an Oortian skeet ball type game. Only your tossing yourself rather than a ball. And you’re trying to land on platforms. Going to have a few different sized platforms to land on. The smaller further away platforms are worth more points. Just working out the platforms placement.


I love Sasquatchville’s long jump game so skeet ball would be awesoooome.


Will there be shop stands on creative? So you could “sell” an unlimited number of “approved” bombs and grapples for mini games, so that everyone would have the same toolset.

I need people to test it. Still going to add a few more landing platforms. And need to make the starting platforms nicer.
Thinking teams of 2. First to 21 points. And you have to get exactly 21 to win.

I think it’ll be fun.


Currently you can’t use shop stands or baskets.

Anybody can give themselves any item forged however they like, within the existing forge rules. So for stuff like this it’s completely honor system.

Yeah I hope they’ll add shop stands to it

Would be super useful for dodge bombs and grapple games if everyone can grab the same item from a stand

@lucadeltodecso @Leahlemoncakes