New holidays?


will they give us new holidays with new awards?
New decorations for the house?
flowers? furniture?
Bookshelf? the bed? globe on stand?
image image

I apologize for mistakes, I use Google translator


I would love new decor.


Maybe an event where we can tame a pet that repairs our coils (different pet color for different coils) :joy:


I would LOVE an entire update with just furnishing and decor!


Lol alot of us would pay real money for that pet lol :wink:


I would love some more d├ęcor!

Also has a nice rhyme to it.


especially if it can fly and hold a camera :smile:

hers an older holiday suggestion was 50/50 in voting lolz

what about an event like the love event i loved the trading flowers for hearths system


I would so love that too to make a whole host of new goodies to turn our builds into a home :house_with_garden: