New Item: laminate blueprinting blocks


A placeholder basically, like a transparent sign or block - a flat planar placable object that acts as a placeholder or marker. It attaches to the grapple to place so you can hookshot it into place. It can be chiseled through, hammered through, etc. The only way to remove it is to use the grapple on it again. It is only visible in plot display mode as a translucent glowing 1x1 square or block.


This is how I envision blueprints working every time I try to describe the idea! Laminate blocks (as you describe it) would be a great blueprint tool for builders to design builds and sale them. The buyer would be responsible for the actual block placement/color patterns but would have the laminate to go off of.

Thanks so much for this suggestion and how to implement it. I’m definitely a fan.

Edit: I don’t want to turn this in to a blueprint convo at all, your idea here is a much more fleshed out suggestion of what I’ve been trying to describe and I like it a lot.


I actually thought this was gonna be about Laminated floors but you fooled me


dont understand it lol can ya give example for what you would be using it


ssst is complot to make dev’s put stickers in the game but we make em think its laminate :face_with_monocle:


did not understand ya new item so asked for an example off what you would use it for

and then made laminate joke reply on buugi’s laminate joke reply



It may not be the way @Creegle intended his idea be used but I certainly had a great use for it.

I’m just going to go in to this further since it’s already here. Right now we have beacon plotter and plot removal items. A blueprint would function just like a plotter would, only the blueprint would allow to to apply laminate blocks. The blueprint could then be sold and the buyer could fill in the ‘stickers/blocks’ to build the blueprint.


Builders would use it to mark block locations.


ow i see like a pencil to draw on walls
outlines etc

i like it alot although i would go for translucent cubes instead off signs

you know how they toggle the plotted plots would be cool if we could toggle these blocks in and out
even to see other peoples sketches and test :thinking:
creegle you a genius