New low price! Petrol 199c, exo yam bulbs 249c!


Just added 1k petrol for 325c
Eeps shop (a5) waterfront outlets


Added exo yam bulbs at 299c!


New lower price!
Petrol 299c
Exo yam bulbs 249c
Persisting pies 200c

Plenty in stock at Eeps shop waterfront outlets!(a5)


Can you update the thread title to match the new low price?


lol, nvm, i just refreshed


Petrol down to 199c over 1k in stock!
Exo yam bulbs 249c 318 in stock!
Persisting pies 200c 400+ in stock!

Eeps shop waterfront outlets (a5)


Where can I go to your store?


Shop is in waterfront outlets. Portals all over the place tnt megahub, legendville, grovidias te ps hub to name a few. Located in hall A shop 5.


200+ bulbs! Come buy me out!