New mall (Québec mall)

Hello my dear friends,

We have always worked hard to offer you the best …

Today, we finally open our mall 2 lopin wide so you can have all the success of selling😉 come and choose your place now to have the best place I guarantee you will love!

You can find us in the Ultima hub of Finata (shopping Alley), Biitula portal seeker, in the US East Hub of Gyosha Ophin and in the crypt hub. The name of our portal is Quebec. We hope to see you soon :smile:


I love that you guys take the time to make all your signs bilingual. Best of luck in your new endeavor!


thank you that’s nice it’s important😊

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It is actually the law in Canada for official signs and such…


Yes but not in the game​:joy::joy:

But yeah…

you put a lot of time and effort … nice job!

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Hi, A quick note to tell you that the mall has new portals to make it more accessible. However, we are waiting for the names on the signs.

  • Portal seeker Biitula -

Located on the second floor in the East

  • Legendville -

Located on the first floor north

  • The crypt - Temple of light -

Located on the top floor to the west.

  • Quebec -

You can also always find the portal of the mall in Quebec. Quebec is accessible in the US East hub of Ultima guild, in portal seeker Biitula, in ultima hub at finata and several others.

Finally, a honorable mention to Artiss who allowed himself to make an original store. Very successful! Indeed, you can be creative because the locations are two plots of width.

Everyone is welcome. Hope to see you soon.
Thank you :slight_smile:


Nice, too bad my base is so far I should do multiple portal. Is there an active Quebec guild that I could join?


@tonylecrafter On what planet are you based? You can open a portal to any hub and get to quebec easily.


I’m on a T4 planet, don’t remember the exact name… and i’m unable to connect to the game since I came back from work…

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we will soon build a road where everyone can settle down.

As for membership in the guild we will build a place planned for that very soon but you can still join if you meet me in Quebec. I will take you there

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I just meet somebody who made me join :slight_smile: working on my shop soon


hello, two other honorable mention regarding Quebec Mall.

It’s a good idea to put two beacon in the same store to allow you to have more coins in your beacon due to the traffic as you can see in the picture below. (Very nice store by the way)

Also, Quebec Mall offers you the possibility to open a portal to your store directly in the corridor of the mall, which increases the visibility.

Another example of a shop that can be built at Quebec Mall … very successful!

Thank you to everyone at Quebec Mall!

As I said before, everyone is welcome. We are waiting for you in large numbers.

Thank you


small update regarding Quebec Mall. We built him an entrance and added a portal that will serve as shortcuts in the mall.

We will always try to improve it.

We hope you will like it on your next visits.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Other beautiful stores are added to Quebec Mall today and we are very proud of the effort provided by these traders in the construction of their stores.

Magnificent! I leave you pictures …


Hello I would like to tell you how much talent there is in Quebec mall I congratulate you for your good work thanks to you the mall is great with nice shops and very good price :blush:

invite your friends

Hope to see you


I made 40k coin last night in sales here! That’s alot more than what I’m used to.


wow i am very happy for you and i am sure that it will go for the better in the next day we are working hard to make this wonderful place known :blush:


@anon30038204 i used a portal to come visit and buy grapple and exo suplies
fell true floor under the mall
then swam around the entire mall (there no platforms to get back on)
so then i finally swim to iluminoorti and got back home via a witches brew portal
please fix the hole im sorry but cant remember wich portal it was
but i saw under the portal is no floor for sure
hope my next visit will be better hahaahha
def no harm done im super clumsy and discover these things always first :rofl:

EDIT witches brew had also a portal mall looks epic
magnifique :slight_smile: sorry but cant find the hole anywhere

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