New Mask (not in the exchange)?

I’ve seen 2 mask on players that are not in the exchange yet. How to acquire these and why are they not in the exchange?

I am not referring to the backer mask.

can you maybe post a screenshot of them?

If I see them again. But there is 2 that i’ve seen on players faces that are not in the exchange.

One looks like 2 horizontal metal bands wrapping around the face with an opening between them wide enough to see the eyes.

Maybe it is devs hiding behind the masks.

PS4 masks probably

Hoping these are the right ones, and they aren't spoilers..... :wink:

these ones, right?


PS4 exclusives. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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yep those are the ones. Do we get to have PC exclusives?

Maybe a head band with IhatePS4 hehe, joke

Not all ps4 players get them haha

sounds like the adventurer backer mask

I have the fat banded one. Am on PS4 deluxe if that makes a difference

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the Oortian in the Iron Mask


Yea, PS4 got exclusive masks and head types. I’m super jealous. I’d loveee to buy one of those masks, and to be able to use the ornate head type.

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like I said, it’s not. I have the backers mask.

That thing is the toughest mask in the game right now. Take a Wildstock head on and do a headbutt.