NEW! Naughty Mall Purple Hall! Phase two is underway!

Hello everyone! We’re super excited to announce the Naughty Mall Expansion! We now have a beautiful Purple Hall!

There are 20 shops available in this first phase of expansion. 10 of those shops have unique pre-built shop fronts on the street side and a normal mall entrance on the mall side! They are going quickly! The new hall is accessible via The Naughty Mall Lobby, Naughty Village, and iLLumiNaughty Main Hub. It is located right next to the beautiful Naughty Harbor.

I hope you love it! It’s amazing at night!

Oh! And HUGE shout out to @BabyCookie who donated a crazy amount of shadow violet marble!


\ (^-^) / :cookie: :tada:


Half the shops are taken! The second phase of construction will include shop fronts and a board walk.

Also… I had a PM asking me if I am paying for people to build a shop… I’m sorry, but No. I will never pay to have someone build a shop in Naughty Mall.

I’m looking for dedicated shop owners who are looking for a great location in one of the top shopping districts in the game. Having a shop in iLLn benefits YOU. We are a great city, which maximizes YOUR ff. We are also a dedicated group of long term players in an established mall that won’t disappear in a few weeks.

Not to mention… it’s a dreamy fun build. I get why some would offer coin to build, so this isn’t a sneer toward them. It just doesn’t fit our business model. :blush:

Stay healthy everyone! And check out the Purple Hall! The shops are already looking great and carrying stock.


Hi!! Can I have a shop in the purple Hall?? I’m Narik in game.


Yes @Dubbanz! I’ll be on tomorrow! It’s my sons birthday aoe we’re doing family game day. :blush:

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Wow!! Happy birthday to him!! Enjoy!!

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Loving your color choices. They really Pop. Thank you for keeping me in mind as a Concrete supplier

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