New perm colors introduced by Sovereign Worlds? Please report here!

I love your bubble gum gleam, thanks for setting that up!

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Booricay @ boori tnt hub

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When the bright turquoise gleam spawns.
Ill be there. EA Coming back. O. O


just noticed night blue…looks looooovley

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Got dark mustard gleam on new planet

who hosts that new shadow red, eh?
first shadow gleam…should be great for glass.

edit: nvm…here

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Any one have an open world with Ashen grey gleam?

Is there a portal to your planet?

Ashen grey gleam on Kelumus, orbiting Trung. No portal, no platform just big spheres.


I got shadow red too, not made a farm yet, also not sure I keep the planet


No one tracking colours anymore??

I think there are too many changes happening too quickly to track :joy:


still no white rock though, eh

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well, I recorded my play before the servers went down, had a new planet, plopped down the world control and opened up all the items so the colour selection would show.
I can take screenshots of all those.

If then someone on a creative planet does the same thing for just a single item it should show all 255 colours there.

Then someone could extract the RGB values from the image of the creative planet for all the 255 colours and then match them to the ones avail for sovereign and then generate a list of the colours available per item…

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I thought I had it, but it was of course cold berry again, sigh, haha


Whoever unlocks Black Gleam or White Rock will be forever immortalised in Boundless history


Crossing my fingers and hoping that someone gets Shadow Orange Ancient Wood if they haven’t already. Other wood types are acceptable…I’ll just have to bake up a batch of Changing Chisels haha. :3

Ok someone has crisp teal gleam. Cough it up :face_with_raised_eyebrow: spill the beans lol. But seriously if it’s open to the public please let me know. I’ve been hesitant to use it because it was from a T7 exo before.

I might give a try For White rock. If it goes To my plans heh. Not rly caring about gleam.
Bright turquoise would be super tough

Gonna work on the list tonight of which color are now unlocked for each blocks