New Player Looking for Role Play Guilds/Groups


I joined during the free weekend and ended up loving the game so much that I’d like to invest more time into it and that means finding people! Sort of.

I realize there’s a lot of RP potential in this game and I’d like to explore the various planets of Boundless with people of a similar thought. I’ve already tried looking around for them but I haven’t seen much talk of RP.

Are there any existing groups out there?


Hey there friend Iconic is a fast growing guild very help. lots of projects let me post some things.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Welcome to Boundless! I don’t know of any RP guilds personally but there are many guilds to choose from, depends on where you are or what you want to do!

If you can’t find an RP guild yourself then why not make one!

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Thanks for the welcome!

I definitely know I want to be a crafter more so than a hunter. My hands are too shaky for the way it works on Boundless. I’ll cetainly take another look around at all the guilds. But yeah, maybe I will just have to start a guild of my own!

That’d be fun!

maybe iluminoorti does some rp
you could also become a aquatopian
its a race off laidback oortians we have 4 factions atm and looking for members
1aquatopian knights 2 aqua explorers 3aqua embassy (tempory home) 4arte intera faction(groupbuild crew)
our race is waiting for planet aquarius to arise into the sky on that day we will build the megacity aquatopia a fountain and waterfall paradise
people that serve our race well can climb up in rank our lead our factions
a story telling our creating faction we can consider it :grinning:


Hi, I really love this idea! I’ve thought a bit about before, but hadn’t noticed any real interest. I know there seems to be a guild or two that this would be an ideal place to start in. I know Aquatopia is wanting someone to help build a city lore for them. Feel free to PM if you want to talk more here or in game :slight_smile:

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Definitely get in the official Boundless discord and look through the recruitment channel there, there’s bound to be someone else with similar ideas that you can work with :slight_smile:

Illuminoorti is definitely the closest to RPers, maybe care takers too.

Illuminoorti: @Xaldafax or @Havok40k

Caretakers : @Zoin

there’s a group starting a city named Raewick that is intended to be an RP medieval city, if you’re interested in it

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Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check it out.