New player, new build... New buddies?

Hello all! First post on the forums. I joined the early alpha just a few days ago, and have started a build on the melfig server. Sadly, none of my friends are willing to drop the forty dollars for the game until it’s a little more fleshed out. They aren’t as trusting or gainfully employed as myself :wink:

Anyways, I’m looking for some players who enjoy building and designing, to help me with a build that I’ve started. I’m calling it “Oortgrimmar”. It’s essentially a full conversion of a mountain I found into a fortress. It’s decently far along… Maybe a fifth or a fourth of the size of the Capitol right now?

I have big plans for it, but I know that the best builds need more than one pair of hands and even better, collaborative minds. I’d like to get together and start something up. So far, the world around me seems like it’s deserted!

Message me if you are interested, and we can figure out how to get you to Oortgrimmar!


Cool Idea. I have only minimal time the next days (may be weeks) but it sounds interesting. Don’t forget to ask for a beacon if you are sure where to build and who is willing to help you and you know how much space you need. You can do that HERE.

Have a nice time building :wink:

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Goodluck with your build and I am sure I will swing by when I have the time. Always good to see what other people are building.
If you need help Terraforming or simple stuff give me a shout.

Also Go here you can introduce yourself :smile:

well the predakemuis team is willing to help :smiley: Maybe I have time this weekend

I will have time this weekend. My office hours are unpredictable the first week and a half of each month. I’m on Central US time, but can usually game around 8:30 for a few hours. When I get on next I’ll post coordinates here.

I’m not certain if I should claim yet or not. The build is gonna be big, and is unlikely to be griefed because it’s plain at the moment. I always build in plain materials like wood and stone while hammering out a first build, then go back and replace segments with decorative blocks. Plus if I claim, I have to get people added to the claim. I’d rather just trust the community and make it open to anyone. If it gets griefed, I’ll claim then

Terraforming is one of the largest segments of the project. Being a mountain fortress, I’m going to build as much inside the mountain as on the outside. Already started a main hall inside the base of the mountain, and have a stairway on the outside that zigzags up the face to the top, with an entry door on every four block tier. Standard room height is four blocks. The mountain provides about twelve or more floors to partially excavate. Can’t remember the exact amount. Much fun. Anyways, I jump around a lot. Today, if I have time, will be mostly internal excavation and such. Gotta get that impressive grand hall excavated so that I can build tiered balconies around it from the other levels.

Are you referring to yourself in the plural, or is there an actual team? Because MyNameWuzTaken’s team (myself) would love the help!

Me and @mittekemuis are a team yes :smiley: Take a look at the “what we are working on in folva” topic (can’t linkt it because I’m on mobile sorry). And we also made the new folva capital with the help of @Turakae :slight_smile:
I’d really like to help! What about you @Mittekemuis?

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That’s awesome stuff man! I don’t have anything that cool built yet. Like I said, I’m only using two block types right now and I’m in that phase where things are being built and rebuilt constantly! Still, I hope this turns into something as cool as that stuff… Hopefully you guys will see the potential in it and be able to choose blocks for texture. I have no idea what to use. I’m mostly an architectural kind of guy

Man, those pictures made me excited!

Also, I have an old PC so I have rendering distance and graphics set low. I need someone to take pictures of the place so I can see what it looks like from the top… When the sun is setting on all the different colors of stone, it’s mind blowing on low detail. I can’t wait to seen what everything looks like at max render distance

Sure we are expert at demolishing mountains. With the new pickaxes it wont even be such a pain…

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Alright, I have a beacon! It needs to be extended but that’s alright. Found an awesome spot today… The plateau on which my mountain is located isn’t a plateau… It’s a ridge! A huge portion underneath is already hollow, just waiting to be filled with rooms! The view from the base looks out into a forest of… Pink trees… It’s a weird place… Anyways, I have a beacon now so I can give out the coords. Come check it out and see if you would be interested in helping with the build. If not, check back in to see the progress!

554, 173, -875, Melfig.

I’m not added to the beacon though :smiley: Can’t help you before I am :c

Would anyone be willing to pose screenshots for me? I’m running on low settings and can’t do it justice. Would like to see things using epic rendering distance. Currently working on expanding/finishing my great hall, and upping the keep to the twelfth tier. The build is getting huge even though atm it’s just me


Ahh nice man! Good shots! That picture looks better than what my screen shows. I have a lot of trouble with night visibility

You are very welcome. I didn’t go inside as I didn’t have much time. I will try and come by tonight.

Hey guys, don’t know if you’ll be available or not, but I plan on being on at 6pm Central, and would love to show you all around

I will be online at 8ish CET

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Hi sorry to tag onto your thread I was just wondering whether this game was in a good enough state to join atm. I have been keeping my eye on it for awhile now, really want a play driven sandbox game is this that?

Some things to consider:

  • The game is still in early access and there are updates that could greatly affect your game or playstyle (Game is still getting ironed out).

  • If you’ve played Minecraft before, don’t expect similar difficulty in terms of gathering resources and building houses (but do expect creative builds with chisels and shared plot system!!). The game is also designed as an MMORPG where things should have progression so expect things to be slower at the start but still fairly soloable.

  • Currently, Building, mining and crafting (shopowners) seems to be the most fulfilling profession. If you’re planning to be a hunter or explorer, there are still limited content to them so players wanting to spec to them currently tries other profession or wait for more content to be released.

  • You can NOT unlock all the skills even if you reach the highest level to encourage “role-playing” but not as God :joy:. There are alts though for you to try different professions and skills. This won’t likely change and couple of people here doesn’t like it to the point of them quitting the game so I think it’s worth pointing this out. (I like it though)

Anyway, there are couple of exciting updates coming soon and one of them is the revision of skill tree!