New Player (sort of) NEED HELP

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Hello, I am here simply because I am not understanding the game. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the game, I bought it in early access and have been following its development- well, kind of. You see, about 6 months ago, I stopped playing Boundless, I had kind of lost interest at the time. Now I’ve come back to a COMPLETELY different game, and frankly, I’m rather lost. When I left, you could still teleport to worlds freely, and there were like two creatures in the game. Now you’re stuck on whatever world you spawn on (which, honestly, I love, I’d been waiting for forever for them to implement that), but I don’t understand ANY of the block functions or crafting. I looked on the forums and update logs, but that would mean going through HALF A YEAR of updates, and right off the bat I started seeing things about Teleportation Tickets and World Tiers, and got really lost, really fast. If someone out there could just explain like, the entirety of what to do and how to play, and how the game works overall, that would be fantastic! Thanks!

Let’s make a quick “checklist” as survival guide.

  1. Search for a nice and safe spot (e.g. a little gave that is easy to access).
  2. Place your beacon control block there (this is your new home, everything within the beacon is safe from world regeneration)
  3. search for wood and stone (mine them with your totem - this will take some time but it will work)
  4. if you have around 10 from everything open your inventory (press “E”) and go to the second tab “hand crafting”.
  5. hand-craft timber (5).
  6. hand-craft a “work-table” (this is used for advanced items).
  7. place your “work-table” in your beacon
  8. place rock (the things you collect if you mine stone) in the work-table and make “stone” from the rock.
  9. wait till #8 is finished
  10. take the stone and add it again to the table
  11. craft stone tools (they can mine much more and faster than the totem)
  12. explore new recipes in the crafting table
  13. search for advanced materials
  14. build more advanced machines.

Hint: You can use to find more recipes.

You can’t travel worlds without a lot of tools anymore. You need an upgraded totem (which requires a “warp location picker”)

You should try to visit a market on your home world (if there is one - search this forum for more information).

Avoid spitters at any cost (the purple / pink creatures). They will kill you in your early game … just run.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: