New player with some questions

Hey guys love Minecraft type games and been playing creativeness and purchased this game when it was first released under a different name never played it. I read they did a lot of work and that the game is great now. So my question is how hard is it to get started in this game as a new player? What is best way to go about it? Also is there any automation in this game?

Can this game be played solo or do I have to look for other players to play with?

Is there a tutorial and last but not least how does this game compare/differ from Minecraft and creativerse? Thank.

P. S. How is player base is it low or populated and when starting out what should I be doing first?


I’ll try and address your questions as well as i can :slight_smile:

Very easy! Just follow the first few objectives and you’ll get a sense of the game :slight_smile: main important bits: build in your beacon, and make sure the fuel doesnt run out!

Both playstyles are supported. It will probably be easier if you interact with people, trade, sell, join hunts etc. But if you want, you can easily build a little base on a remote area on a planet and play by yourself!

The tutorial is essentially doing your first few objectives. But from the get-go you are free to do whatever you wish!

I dont know creativerse, but compared to minecraft, i find this game much more in-depth. Both with mechanics, skills and with building. Chiseling blocks (effectively changing their shape) gives you soo many endlessly more options to build!

This is something a lot of people don’t understand. In most MMO’s you’ll see lots of people running around. In boundless, the universe is HUGE. There are 50+ permanent planets, and there are temporary planets every now and then. Because the universe is so huge, you usually dont see many people around. However, you will see builds, and people using hubs/shops etc.
Dont be mistaken by the playercount per planet, this community is very active and welcoming :slight_smile:

When you start out, i’d recommend just following the first few objectives. I’d also HIGHLY recommend joining a few (guild) discords. You will have lots of questions, and we (the community) will love answering them for you!


Thank you very much for your reply I really appreciate it I will login today and start playing. My other question I’m wondering if there is any automation in this game or is it a constant grind you have to do everything manually?

Its mostly a lot of grinding. However, this is made a lot easier late-game where you get to mine with aow hammers that, instead of just 1 block, break 3x3 blocks every hit!

Everything scales essentially. Where at the start you’ll have just a few crafting machines, late-game you’ll have dozens whirring away :slight_smile:

you CAN do all alone if you want, if you have some time you can simple make all alone. But you should always communicate with some people or the game will be boring after some time. And play together makes the game much easier, like some people say, best example if you buy a aoe hammer with 3x3 aoe effect instead hit 1 block you hit 9 blocks

the game is mostly about building, exploring and community. I did not play creativerse, but compared to minecraft , the building system is far superior. you can chisel every block into many shapes (slopes, slabs stairs, pipes…) most blocks come in 255 colors (including light emitting blocks)
if by automation you mean factories and conveyors ( like buildcraft, or industrial craft mods for MC) then there is no such thing (yet (fingers crossed) ) the plant farming is quite deep though.
you can play solo or with people, you can have up to 10 characters, each with 5 skill pages, so you can do / make everything by yourself if you so wish.
economy is a big part of the game, so if you don’t fancy farming a material, you can either buy it, or hire someone to do it for you ( sort of automation :smiley: ) ( you don’t have to interact with people to buy / sell things )

if you follow the objectives, you’ll learn all the mechanics. you can learn the advanced stuff on the forums or from players directly
in my experience the game is not grindy ( many will disagree, but hear me out) if you decide to build a huge diamond pyramid that touches the heavens, run a portal hub with most portals by yourself, have the biggest city, longest road, be the richest merchant, use only the fanciest blocks… it will feel like work and chances are you will be bored out of your mind. if you do things in moderation and for fun, you can easily avoid grind. but make sure you get some 3x3 tools as soon as you can afford them :wink:

another thing to keep in mind is that there are cities / huge bases built by 1-2 players who even if they play every day are mostly not there, so don’t expect people just hanging around every little cottage doing NPC things. if you want to be social, find a shopping hub, there’s plenty to choose from, people here are incredibly nice and always helpful


Key points:

  1. Boundless is all about the portals (to get to other planets). There are player run portal networks that connect all the planets. For best results, I would do a main base either somewhere relatively close to a portal hub or team up with someone to mooch off their personal portal to a hub. You could even just build relatively close to someone who has a portal.

  2. Free warps to your home beacon. From the beacon menu, set a home beacon (this can be changed to a different beacon any time). You can then use the closed right side portal in Sanctuary to get home for free no matter how horribly lost you get.

  3. The economy. You can click the Knowledge tab to get a list of people selling (and more importantly, buying) things on each planet. The best purchases to save up for and make are your first couple advanced crafting machine power coils, and probably your first AoE hammer or two.

  4. The forums. No question is too noobish.

  5. You may want to make a 2nd character to be your crafter… otherwise your main character will sukk.


Trying to figure out a lot of things alone takes time so it’s better to ask here or in discord. You can also press K on PC to see the knowledge tab.
But overall it’s not hard to start.

Not really, we have machines and crafting takes time, some items take a lot of time others are crafted in a few minutes.

This one is tricky, since we have portals and warps you don’t need to be physically near anyone else. You can just use portals to connect your base to other planets or other settlements in the same planet.

When you are starting you should save the location of important places and warp to them. Portals are not easy to maintain at the beginning.

Ok now talking about interaction with other players, the answer is yes, you can play solo but you will need alts and skill pages and it will be a long journey, but if you don’t mind being part of the economy you can sell and buy which doesn’t require you to meet other players just find a shop to buy it a basket to sell :wink:

The in game tutorial is not the best. But here in the forum you will find a lot of information about pretty much anything, just look at tmhow old is the post or if it’s updated.

This is definitely not the same as Minecraft, since you don’t have the entire place to build, you have to buy plots and keep them fueled through your beacon.
Crafting as I said takes time is not instantly made like most things in Minecraft.
Here you can die and you just get XP penalty you don’t lose your inventory.
Mobs spawn (mostly) on the surface and doesn’t matter if it’s day or night.
Foliage won’t fall by itself.

Player base is low compared to bigger MMOs. And since we have a lot of planets you rarely see other people unless you are in a market, and exo planet or a group hunt. But overall community is pretty good and most people will be happy to help you.

I say you should start with a miner and a crafter, get a lot of rock with the miner and process it into stone with the crafter to gain lots of XP.

So two characters or can I have those skills on one?

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When you start it’s easier to do 2 different characters.

When you reach lvl 50 you can keep leveling up and get extra skill pages.

I started with various characters but now that I have a couple at 50+ I use more skill pages :smile:

Ok great. How many characters are we allowed to have?

10 in total :slight_smile: Welcome to the Universe :fist:


Up to ten.

I’d recommend starting on a placid planet until you get the hang of things as spitters can be really annoying when you’re low level and they will kill you pretty quickly to begin with. You can always move to a higher level planet when you feel ready.

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Definitely build your first base within walking distance of a hub of some kind.


I have played the game solo for over a year. If you are willing to do what needs to be done it can be done solo, however the moment you start to refuse to do some aspects of the game, then it can’t really be done solo nearly as well.

There is and in my opinion it is not very good since some people have lost their stuff for not understanding the beacon fuel system in full.

Compared to other games it is quite low. you can make the judgement yourself with the following links for online players

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Regarding the amount of active concurrent players, it may seem low at first, but it’s actually pretty lively depending on where you look.

To put things in perspective, I began playing in November and I remember thinking that everything was so dead and empty. I kept playing and realized that there was actually plenty of people. When I joined a community hunt recently, there was 25 players hunting alongside me. When I opened shop earlier this week, I began selling things everyday. My base is on Raxxa and I often see as much as 22 active players beside me. If there were anymore, I wouldn’t know where to build my projects !! A game like this one would be hard to play if there were as many people playing all at once like WoW or FFXIV. To me, it’s lively enough and I can feel like a loner when I want to.

Edit Something I realized early was that you benefit from buying what you can’t produce in shops. So you should do like DK advises and place yourself near a player who has a portal to a Hub like Portal Seekers.

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Hi and welcome : )

Hello! You already have great answers from the people above. I’ll just echo what DK said, build close to a centre of some kind. For me it was Cairns so I could mooch off of the Dr’s portals. Made life much easier. :grin:

Welcome to boundless, Glad you could join the party. The cake is a lie.

Don’t feel bad if some aspects of the game feel overwhelming at first, everywhere there is depth in this game and it took all of us a while to learn what we know (I know I still learn new things often).

You can play solo, but like with most games, its way more fun to play with others/friends.

This really is the best gaming community i’ve ever seen, if you need help, directions, materials, ideas. There will be someone somewhere that will be able and willing to lend you a hand. Some of us (myself included) limit what we say and do for new players, not because we aren’t willing to do more, but we don’t want to overwhelm you.

There isn’t “automation” but there are time skips to a lot of the grinder aspects (the 3x3 aoe tools others mentioned is a prime candidate). It is completely possible to skip over a lot of progression with the economy in the game (entirely player ran), feel free to use it to your advantage.

A “creative” mode is currently on the testing server. but as of the writing of this response we don’t have a “fly and summon any block you want” mode in the live game. This in my opinion is the biggest difference between minecraft and boundless. Everything is survival mode :wink:

Oh, quick tip, nearly every type of food can be “roasted” in a furnace. the cooked versions restore far more of your hunger/energy bar. As with everything here, there are more things to cook too, but everyone can do the simple cooking without skills.