New players are welcome!

Hi everyone,

All new players that want to visit the Boundless universe, visit cool player builds, get help and advice, have a good community that supports them and have great time in Boundless.
This is the place for you to be !

We are Ultima Guild

Here is our Discord!

You can find help there and friends to play with ^^

Our guild have one of the best networks connecting all planets in the universe for easy travel.

Shops hubs for easy shoppping time as well and lots, lots of friendly people ready to help :slight_smile:

Check us out ^^
We are located on Finata Planet 123N 852E Alt:50


Great image of Ulitma, you should get an updated one @Hashmalash. So we can compare to how big its got now :wink:

will do soon :slight_smile:

Nice image!