New PS Shop Location! Now selling Forged Tools!

Thanks for the heads up @Ulfric ! Restocking already in process. @DKPuncherello I will ask our merchants and see if that is something we can carry!

Here is our current stock:

There is a mistake in ur list, Kindling shred is 100 and the Comb particle is 30, u swapped it :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Ur also missing some of those items on the list heheh :smiley: (buy out santa on the way)

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Lol very true!! Fixed:

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In 5 Hours we sold out of 13,145 iron/copper! What are you all building?! I expect iron / copper towers :smiley:

We have our miners out gathering more…in the meantime we have restocked our shimmering orbs and have a large amount of Reactive Lamela ! We have also restocked our Sap and other products ! Swing on by! East ring PS hub Grovidias Te “PS Shop”


It wasn’t even me this time! Haha
Guess I’m not the only one grinding plots


Updated our shop! We are restocking like crazy to keep our Metal Ore in stock! Grab them while you can <3 they go fast!

We also have 6k Shimmering Orbs! And 11k Reactive Lamella! So many great deals :smiley:

It was me heheheheh :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you maybe get some pulsating orbs up for sale, bones also, since i dont rly find many these days, or they are rly expensive :stuck_out_tongue:

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I put a request out for Bones from our group but I don’t think we have any hunters atm.

I gather the Orbs, I will make a Pulsating Orb run soon and restock :slight_smile:

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Awesome :smiley: id buy it out probably again heeh :smiley:

And for the hunting, would you be interested for some deal maybe or something, i would like to organize few ppl to do hunting for me so if you want we can think something about it :slight_smile:

Our shop continues to sell Ore, Coils, Lamella, Healing Potions, Coal and Orbs!

All items have been restocked (except sap which is on its way). Come by and see what we have!

Also buying Red Candy Canes @550c! Stop on by!


Coin still in the basket and store fully stocked !

Sorry forgot the sheet!

Hello All!

We are currently sold out of Reactive Lamella, but have our gatherers out getting more and should have some stocked over the weekend.

We have plenty of Copper, Iron, Coal, Titanium, Fragments and Orbs in stock!

Come on by!

It is almost the New Year~! Happy New Year Folks!!

The PS Shop is still stocking and selling! Thousands of Orbs, Ore and Gems! Come on by and check it out!

Thanks to everyone who has been using the shop :slight_smile: we are going to be moving soon to our new location! yay

In the interim here is our current stock:

Remember :slight_smile: we update our stock daily!

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Woah! More updates!

We have a new partner in the PS shop and will be offering Forged Tools! Welcome @daddyskitten!

We will be keeping stocked an array of forged diamond tools! Prices in the spread sheet below. You may notice the price varies for the same DURA tool…that is because some are +1200 or +800 and are priced accordingly.


Hello all! The PS shop is still going strong!

We have Shimmering Orbs and Pulsating Orbs for 20/10 respectively! We are selling Reactive Lamella for 25 and Glowing Lamella for 40!

We also have Forged Gear! Come by and check out our deals!!

(we are currently out of Iron/Gold/Silver/Titanium but have our folks gathering it up and should be restocked soon!)

Full current stock!

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Hello Everyone! Our shop has expanded so much since we started.

We are NO longer selling COILS and will be focusing on Forged Gear as a part of our shop!

We have a lot in stock! Come on by!! :smiley:

PS shop is on Grovidias Te PS hub, East Side, First Ring “PS SHOP”