New PS Shop!

Hello Everyone!

PS has opened a guild shop! We are slowly going to build it out and it is in a temporary location. Currently we selling:

Simple Forged Goods (Lattice, Unchisel, AOE Liquidbreaker, Loot Sticks)
Coils (will be available tomorrow!)

You can reach us on the South East Side of the Grovidias Te PS portal Hub!:

Yay!! See everyone soon!


We also have Kindling Shed! <3

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What a great opening Weekend!! Thanks to everyone who came by the store.

Restocked Iron @4c (11,700)
Restocked Gems @375 (for all compact gems)

Forged tools available for @250 for loot sticks, unchisel, lattice and @2000 for AOE liquidbreakers


Come on by!
You can reach us on the South East Side of the Grovidias Te PS portal Hub!

Request Baskets are being setup and refilled! More being added soon!


Our shop moves into the second week! How exciting. Thanks to everyone that has come by the shop!

We have added:

Reactive Lemella
Glowing Lemella
Restocked Combust and Kindling

As a reminder, we have Compact Gems in stock well priced! Come by and check it out!

Prices have been updated!


Hello All! A few folks wanted to know what our stock was and what prices we have! Thanks for the request!

Current Stock:

As soon as I posted in the other thread the Metal Ore was purchased AND the titanium…but the Silver and Gold are available still!

Thanks everyone that has been visiting the shop!


The PS Shop is being updated daily and has been pumping out Iron/Silver/Gold and Copper.

This week alone we have moved 37,000 Ore that our miners have dug up! They are still at it! We have iron/copper/silver in stock!

Inventory as of right now:


Thank you to everyone who has been using our shop!
We have restocked with over 20k Metal Ore (Iron/Copper)
We have over 7k Reactive Lamella up
All the rest listed below!~:


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Thanks to those that have stopped by the shop! @DKPuncherello We have restocked metals!

We have a large selection of Reactive Lamella (9,750 @ 22c) great for stocking up for forging!
We have SO MUCH iron/copper for sale that it is on TWO shop stands! Over 15k Iron/Coper at 5c!

We also have Kindling Shred (572 @ 150) ! Grab it while it lasts!

Check out our full listing below!

Store is restocked daily. Grovidias Te PS Hub, First Ring, East Side shop Portal “PS Shop”


Any screenshots?


Still much the same:

But we are working on our ACTUAL shop location, not the temporary one that I put up…that is still a large WIP:




There they are. Looks great! Think I grapple through there on my travels while it was under construction.


Hello Everyone!

We have been having an exciting week! Our stock is resupplied each day! Let us know if there is something you are looking for that isn’t in our shop :slight_smile: might be able to start carrying it.

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Maybe I’ll buy all these blues :>

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