New Q-Farm for SAP

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New SAP farm open

Q-CORP has unveiled its latest Q-FARM…SAP!

and the best part is… ITS FREE

No need to fear FALLING as Safety measures have been put in place to prevent damage to even the lowliest lumberjack. Trampolines cover the surface under the trees so feel free to climb!!

AXES are sold on site in your style. No GEM monsters here, its a level one planet so Titanium or Iron will do the trick! I offer a selection of Axes from 5,000c to 2,500c.

WORLD REGENERATION Bombs are sold on site.

Need to make some coin? BUYING sap on site and selling sap on site to those who need a quick fix and don’t care to spend the time themselves. Also selling Charcoal.

Use the middle Portal on the South side of Trior hub of Portal Seekers. There you will find conveniently built platforms along a giant Dark Turquoise tree.

Or just come and farm for yourself!