New recipes and item MIA

This time I’m looking for the new glass sign recipes and item data in the game files. The files have changed, so they must still be used, but why can’t I find any reference to this item?


I combed through archetypes/recipes.msgpack and archetypes/compileditems.msgpack with no luck, is there a new place now I should look for?

It’s partly in here now…

I haven’t bothered with it all yet though… starting to be too many fiery hoops to jump through to maintain the website.

I’ve understood that contains only the language specific strings for the items?

But uhh I’ve solved my problem, it was my browser cache… :smiley: I see the items now

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Browser cache? Where are you requesting the data from? :sweat_smile:
Or just using a browser to view JSON files?

I generate most of the data used by my sites on the fly from the raw game files. Makes updating them a breeze (when I remember to turn cache off). :sweat_smile: