New Region XP Farms Now Open!

I would like to formally release our latest project at GTG. In honor of @HOST and his XP farms, we have decided to create our own as well!

Make sure you have a couple of teaching pies for this adventure.

You can access them from our Global Hub. (you can get there from TNT if you’re not familiar with our hub yet)

In the back of our hub, enter through this portal first.

You will then come to our first farm.

Complete all of those portals, and then go through to our next region farm.

And then another!

The last one, you will need to toss 1 point into Caustic protection. Be sure to open all your coffers with a teaching pie, and you will be high enough level to enter!

This is the final farm, at which you should be right at rank 26 if you kept an eye on your teaching pies!

You can then exit back to our main hub through the portal here.

I would also like to give special shout out to @LaQuest006 and @DeViLiShBeCkS for helping set all of these up!

I’m continued to be in awe at just how much GTG has accomplished over the past 1.5 years. When I created this guild, it was just me and one other, DannThatsGood, who no longer plays. Laquest came along shortly thereafter! It’s crazy to think how much you can accomplish, with a team!

I love you all, and everyone who has joined GTG to help make it what it has become today!

Thanks for reading, and I hope that these farms serve you well.



Can’t wait to get all of these completed with all of my toons. Thank you all.

Completed all XP farms with 1 character. 3 more character to go lol


Ty for setting this up!

It’s worth about 2 levels on a 50+ char, takes 15 mins and 3 teaching pies (w/o zeal) to complete.
~60k exp per small planet and ~207k exp for the big one.



that’s awesome! I know you told me about it some while ago, just still want to show my respect and appreciation, you all doing a good job, thanks for the honor bro i love you :heart:


Glad you enjoyed it!
TY for the stats!

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…just from one of the world tours…

…i think i loves you :heart:


Glad to hear! Much love! <3

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