New T5 exo! (Sun Aug 11th)

Server Region: euc
World Type: CHILL
World Size (16-block chunks): 192
Number of Regions: 34
Closest Planet:
Besevrona: 30 blinksecs (warp 2380-2460 coin)


That resin didn’t take long to go apparently… :confused:


Like Houchus in places, but green:


Uploading: 324510_20190811104647_1.png…


Anyone find any gleam?

viridian. warm or light, don’t remember, but we had both of those already

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Goo is dark green, hot moss and dark turqoise good caves easy to reach and good amount in them.

It hurts! It hurts the soul… :sob:

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Yep, Light Viridian on some high sky islands, but only a few scattered pieces that I saw there.

A few scenery pics… pretty place… :slight_smile: I like the lustrous wood.

Edit to add goo shots… yep, the cave systems are good here, easy to reach the stuff and get around. :slight_smile:


But resin is all gone? That is really frustrating, planet has been out for what, six hours and now the resin is all gone?

@james, we really need to have more planets that have resin that show up at the same time so players can’t go and wipe one out and then dash to the other to clean it out also. Farms seems to lose out on getting resin. Jobs, family commitments, vacations, holidays, all keep some from being able to get on the exo. Please, Please have more planets out at the same time so everyone has a chance to get some resin and increase the amount of it.

I know that the guild I am part of is in need of resin and we will Not pay the high prices for it.


Maybe they can look into making lakes of primordial resin or petroleum cave lakes? @james, could this help solve the issue. Like deep reservoirs of petrol and resin? They can be small or massive like lava?

This could give some underground craziness too

Edit: This would also make it harder to farm it all in the first couple of hours

Petrol could be like the 35-55 block range, and resin 55-105

Edit: this could lead to some under ground cave ecosystems or just deposits

Resin is the only one of the two that as far as I know is only on the surface. Petrolim spawns underground and in caves.

Gleam anyone?

you can find the same gleam at Tauruscan (light viridian) in them big ol’ glass cubes (491,776)

Wasnt gone after 6hrs, was gone after about 30mins lol


Which means we Really Need to have more than one drop at the same time so players can have a chance to get some of the highly desired items. That big of a demand means that there isn’t enough of the resin to go around.


If you want some resin lemme know! Or ask @fidach who already offered!

Sent him a DM, going to see what he wants for a trade. I know that one of the guild members needs some for the farm, needs to plant something that needs the resin and so is stuck until he can get some. Right now he is on vacation, so can’t even go to the planets to get any.

Thanks for the offer.

Back to the old rare vs fair argument again. Frustrating sure, but if they put too much out it’ll hardly be a rare resource. In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen the asking price for both petrolim and resin drop dramatically so it’s slowly making its way into the market

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Keep the rarity. Keep the spawn rate. Everything is perfectly balanced for a very rare, but accessible, ressource.

If people relentlessly miss resin, its on them. With the spawnpattern, everyone has a chance, regardless of where in the world they play.

Dont change anything.

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