New Website in Open Beta - - looking for feedback! Streamers/Youtubers added

I’m trying to put a bunch of great resources all in one place. Check it out and post feedback! Website is in open beta (or as we call it in the Boundless world, “release version” haha jk @james I love you but I couldn’t resist)

Also check out the mall map, now up to date! It took longer to make the map than the whole rest of the website, haha.


Great work!! :smiley: :+1: Will be extremely useful in particular to have a resource like this on the Reddit, IMO! I’ll share it too! :slight_smile:

Do people use the reddit?

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I can see my house from here! :smiley:

A few of us are trying to keep it going as, though it IS slow, it seems Reddit is a first go-to for newcomers to games to look for information. A good resource guide there I think might really help head off early quits due to lack of knowledge on something. :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t help that when you google Boundless you get a website for immigration and a website for Christian singles :rofl:


Looking good Dk a lot of useful information. however your missing a streamer lol

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Yeah I have a whole page of those to type up haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The content of the site is outstanding. Great work!

The design of the site, though… I know the intent here is to surface all the great content that’s out there in support of Boundless but if we put a design on the site we could make it more usable. If you’d like, I’m happy to help in this regard. I do consulting centered around web development for a living and I’d be happy to contribute to building out the site.


Sure! Currently it is just thrown together in a morning on MS word of all things, haha. I definitely want it to be lightweight and equally usable on mobile and desktop, but other than that I’d love to spruce it up! Feel free to have a go at it :blush: if I have to update it in raw html using notepad++ I’m fine with that @Dhusk
It’d be cool to work some boundless iconography in there too. Happy to help with photoshopping design elements if you can do the backend.

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Design wise, would you be interested in using a model and some bootstrap to spice things up ? I am not the best at web design, but I did make a few websites projects for my classes and I could help a little if you want to improve this aspect.

I’ll back you 100%.

I.e. I’ll ■■■■■ and moan via PM :yum:

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Feel free to add our to your discord links page, when you have time!

I browsed through the content of the site and everything seems great! Its good to have so much information available in one place!

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Will do! Also a reminder to myself to add this goo mixer tool:

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I’ll let @dhusk have first crack at it since he’s a pro, but if whatever doesn’t happen, i’ll let you know!

Streamers and youtubers page now live! If you know a streamer or youtuber that isn’t on there, let me know! Anyone know Jaidic’s?

It’s just
I got that name reserved years ahead when I created that name lol. Google search jaidic and you find a ton of me results :stuck_out_tongue:

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