New XP hub open for all

Region XP portal found on Noodle which you can access via the TNT Megahub Sovereign wall.

50 region portals set up for your leveling/atlas completion needs.

Have fun :slight_smile:


Hands Novaria-chan a :cookie:


I know newbies that will need this, thanks!

How far is Noodle from Antar VI? Asking for a friend …

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Heya, I’m excited people can/will use it.

Noodle is 20 blinksecs from Antar VI …oof.

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Does IT Need any protection ? What Tier IS IT ?


No atmospheric protections needed. It’s just a Tier 3, my home base :slight_smile:


psammead need what? psammead is GOD tier!




thks alot one thing i forgot the atlas so thought i take a blank and redo the thing
but once i entered portal one the atlas was completed in one go
but no achievement maybe i bugged it

No you have to look under Tasks Explorer right Side there you See how many planets you habe completd . Its only an ingame achivement which will Led you after completing all to the achivement of 675 tasks

I went through all three current XP hubs with a new alt (eating XP pies) without doing anything else, and got to level 22.


Nice :+1::+1::+1: good that IT works so Well have n t done IT with a new char m self.

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I’m afraid this didn’t last as long as I had hoped.

I simply can’t keep up with the Oort cost anymore. None of my regular hunts happen anymore (the few that do, happen while I’m at work) and I’ve got a lot of out of game stuff that needs doing these days so I’m going to let the Noodle region XP hub close when the current fuel supply runs out in just over a week.

I may reopen it at some point in the not so distant, distant future but. .well we’ll just have to see I suppose

Sorry folks.

I might be able to help you out with Oort, I’ll need to revisit the game again soon and see how much I have available
Last time I checked I think I had maybe 100k Oort shards

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That’s amazingly kind of you to offer to look into it. Thank you.