Newly returned

Wanted to know if Dzassak still has any activity, since most places I’ve visited on here appear to not have had activity for years. Berlin Dungeon, the biggest settlement, for instance, doesn’t seem to have any signs with a written date past 2020.

I’ve started to rebuild my island location, after I missed renewing it by a day or two a few years ago, and all the blocks I’d spent a while placing, got reclaimed into the beacon. :')

Going to be a while before my location looks the same, but I was hoping I at least wouldn’t be alone in the area, as I assume most long-term players have moved onto Soveign planets.


Welcome back! Dzassak is pretty active! I checked today some hours ago and saw 8 on there, im myself on Gellis to build a workshop

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Shortly after making this post, I actually bumped into at least one player who was also just returning at the same time I did.

I think at least a few of them are people who multibox characters though, so it’s more akin to 5 players other than me. Still really nice to see, though I do miss the times where it was ~15+ players on the planet.

Hopefully, once the game transfer has gone through properly, we’ll see the reworked new player experience bring more in.


One day, boundless will will be yeeted in the right direction for others to see


“one, day boundless will will [sic] be yeeted in the right direction. . .”

In other words, Things will get better :joy:


i left that one for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope is most of what I have in general these days, so there ain’t much else to it than see what happens.