Next Steps: What do I do after setting up my beacon?

New player here! So I’ve been playing for a good 2 hours now on US East and haven’t seen a soul! I ended up just finding a place to call home and set up a campfire and then later a beacon, but what do I do now?

I was going to roam around Solum, try to find ANYONE online, and explore the different settlements; however, I don’t really want to get lost or spend lots of coin to warp around.

I can’t craft glue at the moment because I keep getting slaughtered by all the creatures I’ve run into so I haven’t been able to make shelves to store my junk in, and I haven’t even started building a house yet.

Welcome Peryton!

You are actually just kind of on your own now. You could follow some objectives or finish some feats to boost your exp gain.

If I would be on your shoes, I would find a good portal hub that can take you to places and more importantly to shops. Things can be quite slow if you’ll be doing it all on your own. For example, glues can be bought very cheaply on shops so that you can move on on your next target faster. I guess that’s all for a quick guideline :slight_smile:

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If you walk towards the yellow dot / marker you should end up at the capital on that planet.

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Welcome to the game. One of the hardest parts is finding an active group to play with… Which is the downside to early access.

If you want to meet others, they are the orange dots on your compass. The capital city is the yellow one and as they’ve mentioned, you can purchase glue, or slings using your coin from there.

Many of the active settlements are linked by portals (the purple dots) but there is no way to differentiate public portals from private ones locked in rooms. Generally if you see multiple portals, usually they’re open to the public.

If you are interested, Elara (the second biggest settlement on Solum) has open spots in our town we’re fairly active. You’re welcome to join us… Or even just visit to get over the ghost-town issue.

Also, there is a general discord server for boundless which has several rooms and active members. This can help you find stuff quickly and discuss the game with others. Elara has its own discord as well which we’ll happy invite you too if you join us.

Welcome to the game!


Welcome @Peryton

This is a fantastic game and is a lot of fun when you can find others to play with. Right now the player base is a little small but it is big enough that you should be able to find a group to join and play with pretty easy. It’s a big start that you are here connected on the forums.

Here is a link to join the Discord.

There are several different players that are putting out content on YouTube or streaming on Twitch so look for their videos that will help you a lot too. I made a season with an Alt to help show new players things along the way as I would do the objectives. Here is a link to point you in the direction of them videos.

welcome! :smile_cat:
don’t worry to much about getting lost. when you want to get home simply go to your locations list and turn your home location into a way point. it helps to name your beacon but as long as you have invested skill points into the compass skill you should be all good.

I would recommend:
Chop some trees and build a couple crafting tables, they are the best storage to start with.
Make a wooden hammer so you can mine rock. In the desert you can get rock in a mesa, or anywhere you can dig down through sand or soil to find rock, so you can make stone tools.
Mine some rock to turn into stones in the crafting table to make a safe place to live.
Find some caves to start finding and mining copper, coal, and iron for better tools.

Thanks everyone for the tips! @Awkanic I’d love to temporarily settle in Elara but when buying this game my main goal was to start my own settlement, and I guess that may be part of the reason why it seems like a ghost town, seeing as I’m almost in the middle of nowhere… Anyhow, I’m excited to meet all of you in game or in Discord! Adios, hasta luego!


Are caves necessary or can I just start tunneling down anywhere?

you can just mine under your house you hit caves pretty fast in game
but while you doing it carry gold hammer for specials
and the link shows where gems are :smile:

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Caves aren’t absolutely necessary, but you will run into them no matter what, and they are different in different biomes. Most places there are a lot of vertical open space going deeper than you can see or into lava that you can see but don’t want to go into. But under the desert, at least on solum, there are large horizontal open spaces you can safely run around in where it’s easy to see seams of metals and coal.
I found my first desert caves just south of the capital, pixel gate, and it was much much easier to get metals there. There are some openings in the ground going down into the caves. One is near the base of the giant statue south of pixel gate.
After I found desert caves I moved to the desert, at least for a while, for easier mining.
But you will need better torches. Find green plants to get fibrous leaves I think. And an extractor machine to extract plant fiber.

The caves remind me of the title: “For the world is hollow and I have touched the sky”