Night Azure - Metamorphic Brick

Looking to buy some Metamorphic Brick - Night Azure.

Let me know if you have some for sale!

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I have it, if it’s not already at either Schrodingers in DKMall or my farm stand at Olympus Valley Farms, i can put a bunch of it there, hoping like crazy I’m remembering whether the stones went down the brick or marble chutes or plenty of both… looking now what can you pay, stranger?

It’s been a bit since I’ve bought the Brick, last time I bought 20,000 and I finally ran out. You got a price in mind?

Should be some at Sydney Supplies, just take the Lasaina TNT portal and use the knowledge tab to find the metamorphic brick isle.

I need moolah - ping you in game soon, where are you?

DK Mall - was trying to find your shop with no luck

oh shoot i forgot to grab the rowcol for you brb

E51/49 at DKMall - priced to hold for you rather than sell, when you’re thinking of going or are somewhere you get get to it easy w/o interruupting your workflow, I can go there and drop the price or hand trade