Ninja is asking for an MMO universe to get lost in

I got behind this. Certainly a large audience to hit. I agree it’s very doubtful he would look into it but might just snag a few interested parties…

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I don’t know who this person is, but I am personally at the point where toxic players are fine by me, they are people playing the game and thats all that matters for me at this time.

If it gets out of control then maybe the devs will finally have the motivation hire a player behavior specialist to stamp out the bad stuff and get that going for the game.

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Guys let’s be real ninja isn’t going to main boundless. This isn’t the sort of MMO he’s looking for. This is a non-issue.


at this point now all we can do is hope that is true otherwise RIP BL


lol yall are too silly

:point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::100: Exactly!


It’s not about Ninja picking it up… I agree with @majorvex I posted a pic and got comments. It’s out there and we could try to be positive. I love this game and I have faith in the devs that they live it, too and they know more than we do. :nerd_face:


Wether ninja picks it up or not it’s an absolutely valiant attempt to get exposure. It takes barely any effort to do it, doesn’t hurt game, in fact it might get a few people to get to try it. It’s a no lose situation and I applaud those who took time to do this.

I’ve always said I believe in the devs of and they have things handled but if we really really want this game to grow a little help from the community itself with promoting game could help . I understand it’s not our job to do so, if you don’t do so it doesn’t make you a bad community member but things like what was done today could go a long way.


I still think the NPE should be hammered out a little more before trying to get an influx of new players. It can potentially cause more damage then good with how the NPE is at the moment. But that’s just my opinion and I’m sure there’s people here who think the NPE is fine. And that may be the case in certain scenarios but you have to think of it from the most casual of players view and also how it is for the younger audience. But I digress, going slightly off topic and there’s plenty of topics about the NPE

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Yeah I did

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if you read between the lines it is something like that:

I need an New Sponsorship that I can just get lost in. A new pile of cash where I can just fully dive in day in and day out.

Are there any more money for me, please?


Die antwoord… I would like to apologise on behalf of my whole country that you know this ninja :rofl:

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Only if he undye, s his hair

I just came across the black desert, a mmo, very similar to wow, it was about time they took out a game of style for ps4, so I’m 50% boundless and 50% black desert, the amount of things and crafts is incredible what is there to do, besides being able to build your house, have employees and much more, I really recommend it

damn if he starts boundless we will get alot of new planets xD


Great work sharing Boundless!

Now fingers crossed whoever Ninja is, his audience are mature people :joy:.

I’d say they range from 10-probably mid 30s. He plays a lot of Fortnite. If that helps you make a judgement :sweat_smile: also he is no longer on Twitch and is now on Mixer because of the butt load of money he got.

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Ditto all this, very well said! :slight_smile:

A couple other reasons to join in on the Twitter thing:

First, I think replying to, sharing, liking the official account is very helpful. When people are interested in a game, it catches their eye, they may go check out the Reddit and the game’s social media sites. It looks good if they are active and they see positive fans there having fun. :slight_smile: And we know our friends and followers best, we can focus on groups we know and target them - like in my case, the NMS fans and general game screenshot groups.

But also, there are some of us from here on there following each other, and it is fun! :smiley: It is a great way to get to know each other a little better, and I’ve seen that those of us who are big Boundless fans are often similar in other ways, like minds with similar interests, also a lot of us seem to fall into the same generation/rough age range. Seriously, there are a lot of really cool, talented, wonderful people here - one of the many great things about Boundless for me has been getting to chat with and know some of you all. :+1: So post your handle if on, I’ll follow!


Was thinking same why doesn’t he just go live the good life lol I work in mansions for the wealthy and they all same they never have enough and collect collect then when it’s time to enjoy they old and fall dead weird folks also imagine he chooses boundless and sucks at it bam million off players will think the same lol then there was also this YouTuber playing boundless 3days and he logs in to see his house surrounded by a town that popped up lolz people next time someone comes let him play the game and don’t give him stuff maybe he last longer :grin:

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So we are hoping to promote a game that seems to have retention issues and the developers are for some reason not promoting the game. Maybe we should follow their lead and not promote the game until it is ready?

Bringing players into a game that has issues or at a minimum is still subject to a lot of changes can lead to a lot of bad reviews and more people that will never pick up the game again. It feels like we do not trust the developers to know when the right time is to promote the game. I understand that it is disappointing/frustrating/however someone feels to care about a game as much as some do about Boundless and see the shrinking player base and wonder why the developers do not just advertise. But I guess since it is their game (and livelihood) on the line, I am willing to respect the fact that they have made a choice not to promote the game aggressively. I just keep thinking about the free steam weekend that created a temporary bump in players but that eroded a long time ago. If we can’t keep players then maybe we should not be trying to bring them in.


I think any publicity is good for the game. I also don’t get what people mean when they say the game isn’t finished? Yes it could do with a few things adding pants but it’s great game, with lots things to do and a great dev team who are constantly working to make improvements. I have played countless games which aren’t as addictive or engaging as this game. My only issue with boundless is finding the time to do all I want to do.
In my humble opinion what @majorvex did took a few seconds and may just bring in a few more players, even if Ninja doesn’t show an interest, if just a small amount of his 15 million followers do, it will still help the game. I post about boundless sometimes on twitter and I know @bucfanpaka posts pictures there all the time, and it was Paka’s posts which got me interested in the game. So given the above I don’t know why anyone would think what @majorvex did was negative for the game.