[No longer] Oxide Gray Marble



How much are these bad boys going for atm? I am interested in buying about 1k initially and if it fits my build, I might 10 times that.

Please let me know!


Were giving away a stack of marble saturday. It was oxide something. Maybe oxide azure?


But that is not Oxide Gray :frowning:


There are 400 oxide grey marble to sell atm at Sweet Marble (Kindred Bay, Sorrisi).
You can reach the shop by Ultima Hub (Sorrisi) portals.


Pretty steep price considering mats is like half that but bought 200 for testing, thanks :slight_smile:


Quimby, on vacation at moment so not 100% but pretty sure i had 600 oxide azure and similar size stack or oxide grey marble in my nova golda (trung) shop. 80c or so ea iirc


Thanks, no longer buying :+1: