No steam key yet?

Hi I bought the game yesterday. Its been 24 hours and I haven’t received an email yet. I checked my spam folder and all that. Whats the deal? At the very least it should say on your site how long its going to take to process. This should be done by a boy anyway… I regret not just buying it directly from steam. I’m interested to see your proof of concept, but I can’t. Could someone tell me what the average wait time is or if I should be contacting someone to tell them I didn’t get an email?

It should come through instantly.

Have you checked your SPAM or promotions inbox?

I can investigate for you.


I have checked my inbox and spam every hour since I bought it. I’m very interested because I am creating something similar myself. If you could look into it that would be wonderful.

Ok I’m resending your key now. Let me know if it doesn’t arrive in 2 minutes.

The purchase confirmation was sent as usual - there were no errors - so I suspect it’s hidden in your SPAM or filters somewhere.

Awesome thank you so much. It showed up right in my inbox. You are the prime example of a good developer.


Curious to know where the first email went.

Gmail is quite strict - do you have the promotions Inbox stuff enabled? Is it hidden in there?

Can you search your mail for the subject line?

Yeah you were right it went right to the promotions tab. I always forget I have it since I have a spam folder.

anyway the following subject lines were marked for promotion

[Boundless Community] [PM] Welcome to Boundless Community!

[Boundless Community] [Support] No steam key yet?

This one was showed up in my inbox

Fwd: Boundless - Explorer backer and access details [#2748]

The third one is certainly cleaner looking. Even though the first two are more functional subject lines, I can see how gmail would put them there. That is very strict though.

Also this is a great thing you guys have going. Its going to be full of people in no time and grow exponentially with every addition.