No XP for gathering?


Oh did not know plants have it. And you do get xp for digging and placing the same dugub block again and again with the portal trick.


I mean… you get no XP for placing and collecting blocks (and if you do it because you place something wrong, you even get that popup notice until you “told E to dismiss” whatever. So, I’m not shocked that placing and immediately digging up a plant should behaving the same.


Yes, this could be circumvented with the portal. But I don’t think the abuse was the reason for the change, or they would’ve removed XP from some other stuff too. XP farming always adapts to the next best thing after the last one is removed.

But that’s just my speculation.


I only dug for XP and then sold it on in my shop. You now get 0 XP for gathering the item. It is a pointless exercise, except for décor purposes, which is ok if you’re recreating the Congo, you’ll get plenty XP then. :rofl: I find this to be a very odd change, and I agree that changing it to stop abuse seems extreme and makes me ponder their being another reason. It is such a small issue, but puzzling nonetheless.


Somehow i missed that patchnote too, just noticed today i get no XP anymore by gathering surface items.
Thats my main thing i do at exos and it is a big loss for getting XP.

I don‘t think it is the right way for the people who like to gather these items not to break them, but to use them for decorations.
We Gatherer still get way less XP than others for our profession.
Sad thing.


It is a very odd change and simply unfair to those of us that do a lot of gathering. One of my main activities. Still is, but without reward. @james can the change to this be explained? Perhaps it’d make some sense if we understood this better. :thinking::hugs:


There is your answer…


Never really noticed, although I suppose that explains why my defeat penalty has been going down SO much more slowly. This sucks. Thanks a lot, whoever was abusing this. :cry:


I was asking for a Dev to verify the reason. Kaplah is speculating the reason, so, no, not my answer. But, thank you anyway.


Wanna bet that it IS the reason tho? :wink:


Even if it is the answer, it’s ridiculous.

If the game can track whether a person has gathered an item then placed it somewhere else, and regathered it to ‘exploit’ xp, then that should have been dealt with directly rather than ruining it for people that enjoy gathering legitimately.

Maybe they should look at bots for pc players to exploit xp while being afk, too? :wink:


I bet it probably is. :wink:


The issue was that in the past we significantly boosted the Gather XP for surface resources - to reward players for exploring, finding and gathering the resources. Some are 100+ XP per gather. The “Silk Touch” skill was added to allow players to use the resources in their builds. But this mistakenly was still rewarding the high XP values. Players were then abusing this skill to gather, place, gather, place, gather, place and cheese XP. Without the Skill Touch, you can’t repeatably gather the same resource.

Clearly collecting with Silk Touch should reward some XP, but not the surface gathering amounts.


@james Thank you for the explanation. :+1:


Is it not possible to give all the XP on the initial interaction (whether it’s harvested or gathered with silk touch), and then if gathered with silk touch, a flag goes on the plant that stops future XP if it’s replanted or harvested for materials? I guess like what some above are talking about with a DUG_UP flag, though I don’t know what that does.


It is not the same repeating XP thing we had for placing, collecting, placing, collecting… simple Blocks?
So these Surface could have same flag as normal blocks for XP.


What if

  • Surface resources could not be placed outside beacons (similar to certain other mesh items like crafting tables


  • Surface resources rewarded no exp if gathered or placed within a beacon.

That way gatherers could still get exp for gathering, but would be significantly harder to abuse.


I like this idea. My primary source of XP is gathering plants/boulders/mushrooms for my shop, with just enough hunting to stay alive and keep my portal open coming in second. Or, it was.


That is an awesome idea. :blush:


This is actually a very good idea.
People who collect them for placing them, would place them so or so in beaconed areas.
People who buy them for the ressources would not really care for the little XP, and for secure placing and destroying they do it so or so in their beacons.