(Non) Competition Time - Decorate the Sanctum for the Farming Update


What is the delay for this ?


Do you mean the actual farming update?

The thread about it was updated with today’s list of fixes 8 hours ago.

Bugs still being reported 6 hours ago.


What is our delay to build that farming sanctum ?


Nothing that I am ware of I started mine. I was glad they added the crop maturing ability (have not tried it yet). I do wish they allowed liquids to flow but I can get around that.

Btw. I did construct a stripped down version of the sanctum with most of the blocks removed if anyone wants to get a copy.


Wow :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::+1: Beautiful


Is there any way to mature a large field of plants without having to touch each one with the Sanctum editor?


Have u tried this?


Sort of but it was more of a jumping up and down and hitting various keys. . . .


Non Competition time? Please don’t ban dodge ball.


I tried the Sanctum edit, something really annoying is the block becoming indestructible. I wanted to give it a shot but having to save and reload the map to fix the blocks makes me not want to play with it.


Yes, I ran into that, too. It’s kind of frustrating!


I have run into the same thing sporadically. Tried to determine the f there was a pattern, but no luck so far.


idk most of the time i was placing a block and wanted to destroy it, it went indestructible


I’ve found you can place a block, destroy it, and the next time you place it, it becomes indestructible. I have not attempted placing a DIFFERENT block there, but I think the same thing happens if there’s already a block, you destroy it, and place it again.


I know I am over a week late to submit, but it took me a while to mature all the plants


Whilst incredible… I think that might be “too” big, if only because the sanctum has no low-level detail chunks so on a low terrain detail graphics option you would just get invisible areas around


Darn did not think of that

For future reference. . what sort of restrictions should we use on the size of a sanctum edit?


oh god how many hours did that take with the placing and breaking bug?

Looks pretty damn cool though!



It took a few. . if I hit a non-breaking block I marked it and moved on until I had enough to justify saving and going back to remove them. Maturing each plant one by one was the biggest time sink.

The pattern does seem to be removing a block and replacing it, but you cannot remove the replacement block without saving and reloading.