Not Getting Steam Achievements for Additional Characters


Hey all, I was wondering if anyone else was having the issue of not getting steam achievements for things my additional characters have done. My second character has completed atlases and been the viceroy on Kol Huroo, and my other characters have likely done some of the other things on there, but for some reason I still don’t have the achievements


What platform are you playing on (PC / Mac?) and what are the names of the achievements you were trying to get?


I’m on PC predominantly, though I originally started on Mac. The ones I noticed I should have and don’t are Ruler of the World, Survival of the Fittest, and Interstellar Cartography, all of which I have completed on the second of my four characters. But it’s weird because on that same character I got Legendary Hunter the other day, and have in the past gotten other achievements on this character.


Which world did you aim for this achievement on?

I haven’t been able to reproduce the issues for the other two mentioned. They were working for me. Can you recall any other details (if possible) on what you were doing at the time?


Interstellar Cartography I finished on Sorissi, and am just about to finish again on Cephonex Merika but have not yet. Ruler of the World I did on Kol Huroo a few hours after it had spawned, looking to get the achievement and then not really worry about it anymore. Survival of the Fittest I’m just surprised I haven’t gotten yet because I’ve been on a number of the hunts on T6 worlds (ones I definitely remember doing recently are Shedu Tier and Malurialakrib) and got the achievement for hunting special creatures but not completing the meteor.


Unfortunately, none of the T6 worlds at present are classed as Special worlds, so that achievement cannot be obtained until such worlds become available in game.


Ahh okay, I didn’t realize that they weren’t classed as special worlds