Not Regening Flowers

Good Day Everyone.

Just curious if anyone know why flowers are not regen in Sovereign Worlds

I did a search and didn’t see anything saying that they don’t regen is Sovereign Worlds
Is this something or is this a bug?
Any Help.

they should regen. Did you try a regen bomb? is the area plotted?

Area not plotted and yes just checked to make sure it was a regen bomb

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Yeah, might be a bug… not sure. I have never had problems regenning flowers on my Sovs after gathering them.


Just had someone else come in and it worked for them.

the bombs you are using only had world regen on them?

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Yes, I gave them my regen bomb hahaha

Going to switch Character and see what happens

Worked with other Character and I switched back and it worked.
Maybe a little bug. But working now.

Thanks @Soju-VB


I’ve noticed that i have to use 1 regen bomb for the dirt and one for the flowers. I had assumed it was related to hole depth and regen range, but I’m not sure.


Thanks a lot now I want doughnuts