Not So Happy Early Happy Holidays

Hey sorry been a stranger. I had a minor mental and health set back I have MS and few other healthy issues. Plus my father in another state has declined and I’m on a 72 hour recall. Also this week is my baby brother’s forever 21 week. Top of it all the coming holidays.

At this time I’ve stepped down from building and hosting Viking’s portal on Trior-Lightbringer I have the portal done but all my detail ideas are not. I’m chipping away as I can I log in do a little walk away to do something repeat :laughing:

I making TikTok @fafocallmez
through my journey after the holidays I should be back again fully dependent on a few factors. If not fully back on a few more hours than currently. Lol
If you’re on Trior and do see me on do say hi I’ll say hi ASAP :wave: lol

Z - Trior - NVR - Lightbringer
Alder - Tower Power
- Lightbringer

PM for Discord ID


I hope things calm soon, this is a hard time of year under the best of circumstances for some.

I am so sorry you are having a hard time irl. That is one of the things I love about Boundless… it’s a little escape with incredibly relaxing soundtrack and a great supportive community…

I’ve struggled with my mental health as well and I know it can be so debilitating and at times it seems things will never get better. Hang in there and try to find the things you can control and let the things you cannot control slip off you like water on a duck. Hang in there. :peace_symbol: :hugs:


hello Stranger, im really sorry this all happened to you :frowning:
dont worry, take all the time you need to settle things up

and please remember, we are here if you will be want to talk with anyone to feel better, just call :smiley:

take care and see you around soon :smiley:

Chronic illnesses, mental health, and dealing with potential family loss is not a great combination. hugs Take care.