Notification Upon entering Region

So, I’m building an extension to Aquatopia, and I’m moving back and forth between wilderness and non-wilderness and getting the entrance notification spammed across my screen like once every five seconds…maybe more. Can we get an option to turn that off? It’s super annoying, especially considering above my compass I’ve already got that information displayed. The notification is kinda cool the first time I enter an area, but after that… I don’t think it should be displayed. If I’ve over looked an option, please point me in the right direction, but I haven’t been able to locate one.


+1. Can add that this notifications always late. I can be 3 portal away from aquatopia but still can see “you enter Aquatopia”)). Maybe small text mark somewhere around compass or in the corner of screen is would be enough?


I totally agree.
First time, yes, show it.
But after that I don’t need an announcement every time. It also seems a bit delayed.

But the biggest gripe I have with this feature is that it blocks you from seeing info about what you’re looking at.
If I go shopping and then come home, I have to wait (what feels like) 2 minutes before I can check any of my machines.
I think this wouldn’t be much of a problem if it simply wasn’t being spammed.


Yeah - it’s a disaster at the moment - and on the todo list to improve.


aww its not that bad :stuck_out_tongue: its a nice feature, just needs to be tweaked :slight_smile:
and higher priorities are totally understandable

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yeah another one is the info that breaking same block again doesnt give xp i get all the time on my screen
i understand now lol i just the way i design heheh
lot off rebuilding stuff :slight_smile: