Nova Golda and Nova Golda Market Mega Thread

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Hey Fida, I can craft gold fists on my steam account since that account DOES have the deluxe edition…

Plop mats in the totem machine and I will craft m for ya!


Awesome, thanks!


The market is filling up fast! Only four plots left!


Been burning through my forged tools recently and my usual supplier has thano’sd out of existence, got good forging stands?


Yep, several actually!

Original Forgeries is my own and has all kinds of forged gear. Not just gem tools but also titanium, gold and silver…


Sweet I’ll be there in roughly 8hrs! Got portals from new Ultima? Still finding my way around there


Yup! A 2x2 on the shopping rows with 2x2 marked Nova Golda Market!

Also one at DK’s Ultima Tree on Eresho, Nova Golda Mini Market on Eresho (across Jacey’s), Ultima Trung, PS Lamblis, etc., etc.


Finished work early - new favourite shopping place thank you team golda


With the new shop there’s more space so I’ve added gold tools in the mix!

All of these are 3x3 with damage level 7 or 8, can easily 1 shot blocks with these even above T1!

Also recently added a T7 Capable tools section:

So get your supplies for when the next T7 planet pops up!

Now with a special hand trade deal! Buy one of the T7 capable tools costing 9999c (+1600 dura or more, +40 action speed or higher) and get 5 mega strength brews for free!


As some of you may know, Nova Golda has it’s own T5+ (+ Delta Cancret) portal network.

And what not everyone seems to know is that all hubs (except Flan) have a basement with portals to public farm spots, public farms and mines.

Well earlier this week we’ve added Bob’s Farms to our portal hubs:

Bob’s Farms are save to be in, no weapons needed! Go check them out!


I’d like one of the special hand deals with the brews. I am hoping to go and mine on one when it shows up, tag along with someone through their portal to a mining spot and then we can separate and when I am finished I can head home.

How do I get with you for a hand trade?


I will be online in like 15 to 20 minutes!


I really like how you keep all the request baskets in one spot, neat idea I do not see in any other malls.


Thanks! Wanted to do that a long time ago but never really went for it completely, also didn’t really have the space back then.

And, since every shopowner who wants basket plots also gets a part of the path it kinda works like a footfall coop too so it means more coin for the baskets too!


Hey everyone, please come and sell me your 15k worth of mantle here at the Nova Golda request co-op… 4c a pop. :slight_smile:

I’m also buying nearly 55k worth of fossils, large (20c) and medium (10c), but mostly want large.


@AeneaGames do you have any more plots open? And, if so, could I reserve one? I’m on vacation rn, so I won’t be able to log on for at least a week


this is great, as I’m only a new player this is very overwhelming trying to find out where I can buy things etc. I am hoping to open a little pie stand at some stage I thought that would be fun to bake all sorts of pies and put them up so when I figure out how to do that I can get a shop here too :slight_smile:


There are still 2 plots open and I could add a row at the end if need be with some moving stuff around. I will reserve one for you!

Of course you can! Tho you would be competing with my own Noms 'n More tho :wink: But I’m ok with that! Lemme know when you’re ready!

Also, if you need any help in the mean time with anything, please ask! Here on in-game!


Hello everyone! I have sadly noticed that currently it’s getting a little hard for me to keep my shops Noms 'n More and Original Forgeries stocked as you are used to.

This is just due to my current situation where I have less energy to play, this will change back to normal in a few weeks. This has nothing to do with me getting bored and wanting to quit. I have so many plans and things to do still that it seems unlikely I ever will stop, so don’t worry!

Soon everything is back to normal!


wish this game had tents… it pitch one in front of your shop until everything is back to normal again lol :stuck_out_tongue: