Nova Golda and Nova Golda Market Mega Thread

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Perhaps Fidach has a few more poles and beams that can be used for a party tent look a like? :joy:


If not I can bring some mud and make a temp mud hut :joy:


I will still keep restocking tho, tomorrow morning I will add some nice +50 action speed hammers with 3x3 and dmg level 9/10, 7 diamond, 1 emerald and 1 sapphire.

I also have a bunch of teaching pies in the mixers currently which I will add tomorrow as well.

It’s just not going as quickly and with the amounts I would normally do!


Thanks! I’ll message you as soon as I get back home :slight_smile:


I come here all the time now. So good


Np! Take your time. Its better to get some rest.
If you are tired you usually end up doing only half what you couldve done.


Have yall seen her workshop? :open_mouth:


Agree, your health is more important. We can wait for items we want and know that as soon as you can you will be swinging around the Market like Tarzana on your grapples. :slight_smile:

I am in a similar problem, the pain management didn’t work, and am back to square one, lots of pain and has moved to my hip, so now it is even harder to sit and play for long.

Having a hard time getting out to gather items and then be able to restock what is selling and what isn’t just sitting there. Which has me thinking of changing the shop to a bit of a different type, not sure yet.

Anyhow, take care of yourself, your health is more important!


Well, not all at once.

Boundless doesn’t render far enough :wink:


I can’t even make pies yet, I need to get power coils I think so I think you are safe for a while hahaha :smiley: it will be more like a very small mum and dad operation I think you will be fine :stuck_out_tongue: also that and figuring out how to get a portal etc.


If you need help with figuring out anything lemme know OK?

As I posted over on the Original Forgeries thread I restocked quite a few items! I also managed to add 300+ Teaching Pies this morning to Noms 'n More which is now fully stocked again!


Did you check it out in game too?


I have not visited it in-game yet, but I will. I saw your post about it yesterday & those screenshots :open_mouth:


Good to have you back, visited the other day. Looks good :+1::blush:


Edit: Moved this here from the Nova Golda forgeries thread, made a mistake yesterday on account of being tired. :pensive:

There’s 24k coin available between the two new higher values on my request baskets for bitter beans (45c) and spicy beans (38c):

In addition, I think most people don’t notice these stands at my shop. Be sure to have a look at the metal bars and leather I have for sale:


That’s one crazy albeit impressive setup you’ve got Aenea, i don’t think i’ve seen as many machines and coils in one build before, there must have been at least 5 or 6 of each machine, keeping all those machines, coils and generators repaired must be… a royal pain lol.



And yes it is, still trying to recruit a minion who will do it for me, so far all applicants bailed after seeing the amount of coils :joy:


Sounds like you need repair bombs :sweat_smile:


With a massive area of effect if possible! :smiley:


The shop here that sells mosaic, do you have any black in stock?