Nova Golda and Nova Golda Market Mega Thread

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My shop :slight_smile: just replied to the other post


I’ve bought a few items there, you have fair prices and sometimes I am in just too much pain to go gathering for needed items. Yesterday bought some shimmering orbs to get the amount needed.

Don’t remember the rest, but do stop to check it out every day that I am there, almost daily.


I have made some changes to my shop, renamed it to Hephaestus’s Cupboard and have changed some of what I am selling to better provide some needed mats.

Going to put up a mailbox so if players need a certain mat they can let me know. If it requires Road Runner feathers that is one I can’t get so don’t make it, but I think everything else I can make, if I have the needed items at that time.

Some items, such as bitter beans, can take me a bit longer to gather due to my back and hip problems, can’t sit as long as I used to at the computer now. But I will do my best to make them if asked to do so, either way I will let that player know if I can or can’t or how long they may have to wait.

I’m making some mats today, yesterday made the bases so can make more mats for those who are forging but can’t or don’t want to gather mats. It can be a pain in the rear, lol


fyi @ghandymarshall… inflation? :wink:


Specialist marble. Well worth it imo :wink:


Soon ™ there will be a new market stall stuffed in there somewhere and will be called:
To Dye For!

I will be all over this goo farming! Tho am sure Ghandy will be buying most of my dyes! :smiley:

Ahh, no more block changing, just grab any sedementary and die it black!


I think shops will have a lot more items they can offer people now. There’s so many items in the farming update…I doubt most people will be making/doing them all. I’m sure there are things I will buy instead of making them too