Nova Golda and Nova Golda Market Mega Thread

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See PM’s! Will have them later today!

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Restock at Fidach’s Farm Supplies, plus all new Harvesters added.

The new wooden (for minimal damage) harvesters have aoe 4, minimum speed 4 and minimum energy saver 3.

I have found this to be the ideal forge for harvesting crops:

Farmer set up - max action speed, no axe skills points (keep the damage down so infrastructure stays intact)

AOE 4 allows a larger area to be gathered, as well as keeping the damage down.

With the farmer set up above, speed 4 brings the tool action speed to 60, add a mega speed brew (handily available across the market at Noms 'n More for 249c) to ring the action speed to 120, which is enough to give the max hits per second (as discussed here).

Energy saver 3 brings the harvesters energy use to 0, so no need to pause ever to refill energy bar.

Add a persisting pie for extended use (Noms 'n More again, 229c).

Priced at 3kc each.

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I’m interested in why use wood as farm tools, isn’t it really inefficient in terms of dura to forge them high? A diamond axe with a max damage spec doesn’t 1-hit soil. If you don’t have axe/hammer and damage skills on your farmer you’d need 5 hits with a diamond axe/hammer to break soil. You hit only 25% of tooltip damage when hitting the wrong block type, combined with the 3x3 damage reduction you should ne safe with most higher tier materials :thinking: Not meant as critique, just interested if there’s more to this.

Sorry for off topic, but hey bumps? :smiley:

With how fast the axe swings there is always danger of multihitting blocks, particularly with aoe.

And if you take harvesting berries into account, the foliage breaks really easily.

I guess I like to just hold the trigger down until all the crops are gone.

I wouldn’t use a hammer due to the blocks around the farm (I have glass and marble in place).

This way no need to change tools for different crops, and no risk of accidental damage to any surrounding blocks.

But you are correct, the dura is the downside.

You should come see me, I’ll give you one to try out (or you can make one yourself, dunno if you forge or not!).

Next time I make some I might try to use silver or something, for extra dura, but lowish damage.

I’ve farmed grass a lot so I’d imagine it’s pretty similar? For foliage yeah, a higher damage axe would destroy farms :smiley: Diamond was just the extreme example, I personally used topaz but it’s not my go to amymore after the efficiency nerf/bug fix. I was thinking there are many options between wood and diamond, probably something optimal there like the silver you mentioned.

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I just use copper axes with aoe4. They are moderately fast, and even my lumberjack doesnt go through soil with them; aoe4 hits more area than i can walk anyway so a short pause between hits doesnt need much more speed (have max speed on character). And they are under 200 each to forge, so they have 15x the dura at the same price :man_shrugging:

Well, all the wood harvesters are gone already!

Be good to hear from anyone who bought one/them all, just to see what they thought!

I’ve got a silver one coming to test myself, if it works as well, I’ll put those up instead, a bit more dura.

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Original Forgeries has many, many 3x3 hammers for sale! T5 to T7, go make me regret posting this and let the game send me some shop stand empty notifications so I need to forge! :smiley:

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Haha, you know I’ll be by soon! :wink: Thanks!!

Also have 40+ unforged diamond hammers that will get my attention the coming few days so more will be added soon!

Also added some ruby sniper slingbows. Will do the other gems soon too, shame I can’t mix them anymore like I used to, liked doing 6 gem types in one forge batch, ah well…

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Okay, I need a vacation, if anyone needs me urgently, I will be at my beach:



Dat’s Beachin’ :joy:

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Beach party!!!


Life’s a beach!!! :joy::joy::joy:


Had to replace and chisel soo many blocks though! But I like the result a lot so have plans of making it bigger!

More parasols, beach chairs, beach huts, a boulevard with little shops, etc., etc.!


Have cabanas all around? Some drinks and towels around :slight_smile:


Yep that sounds good.


That looks awesome, love the umbrella! Signs on the ground will make good towels


Yeah been thinking of wooden signs actually…

And thanks!

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