Now open! Exo Shuttle Tana - looking for location-token and forgery sellers

Poor exo shuttle has had a rough couple of weeks, but it will be opening soon!

How can you help?

I’d like the shuttle to be well stocked with everything you need for a trip to the latest exo. I have six banks of six shop stands (36 total for 6 different sellers) for food and brews, 14 banks of 6 stands for tools (hammers, grapples, forged totems, slingbows etc) for 14 sellers, and space for 8 different location token sellers. I also have space for 4 people to sell blank atlases, warp tokens and warp conduits. Everything is advanced locked and I am the only person with permissions in the shop areas (other exo shuttle executives - “pilots” - have permissions in the location token area only). I have tons of coin and this is not a ploy to steal anyone’s stuff :blush: even my alts don’t have permission on the beacon!

You can see the new location now (floor coming in the next day or two), it is behind the TNT Tana portal.

Post here or PM me for more info!

Build by Pyrrocorhis and DK


Examples of available spots that are advanced lock secured:

Basically you would run a mini stall here, I would permission you on the lock and let you write whatever you like on the sign. You can put an advertisement for your main shop on the sign if you like: “Forging by Georgio, more available at DKMall Shop #A22” or “Food by Aenea, more available at Nova Golda Via TNT Trung” etc


i can provide loc tokens as i do for PS hubs,
also can sell reviver brews and warp augments

count me as your crew,

tbh - i like this shuttle idea - everything needed for exo trip at one place :smiley:


I can provide tokens too.

Also AOE tools, gathering axes (loot sticks with dura) and power shovels for getting plants.

Can do some pies too

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Tokens from me too - my favorite thing is to dig mines on the exos for everybody! :smiley:

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Added zjawcia, cuetz and paka :slight_smile:

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thank you :smiley:
and sorry for empty shop plot at mall, ill be building my outlet there really soon, just going on vacation today and ill be having limited time for playing but dont worry, i wont forget :slight_smile:

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It’s ok, have fun! If you happen to be on BL before you go you should do a floor so nobody falls haha :blush: but if you are busy it’s all good

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Wonderful work, @DKPuncherello! :smiley:

Got some blink mine tokens up! :grin:


Looks great but the personnel there left a lot to be desired!

We went there earlier and the train conductor checked our tickets then asked for our drink order, ran off with our money and we never got our drinks! The guy had something explosive in his name, C4, TNT, something…

Oh here’s a picture:


If anybody sees this individual please contact ExoShuttle Transit Police :blush: we are on the case!


I’ll take a forge spot if thats cool :blush:

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Sure :slight_smile: I’ll come set you up
You’re all set @Trickyy90

Will start stocking it tonight

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People are selling a lot of pies here. Need more pie sellers
Also we have nobody selling mega brews. Those would sell out daily probably.

Haha, which pies would be needed, anything but teaching I can deliver, mega brews too…

Set me up will ya :wink:

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Added ya :blush:
You can put whatever on the sign too

There’s a bunch of teaching pie sellers. Not enough starberry and mega brew sellers :blush:

Let me know if you want a forgeries spot too

All food stands taken currently
8 forgery stands taken, 6 left!

Also, added a resource altimeter and maps of the first 8 t6 networks I could find (there are probably more I missed, please post these!)

Is that really the whole Ult t6 network? I must have missed some offshoots…

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4 spots left for forging!

Want to sell a large number of hammers, grapples and slingbows anyone? Seriously, I get the notifications whenever these stands empty. People are selling a LOT here (even when there’s no exo up)

You can give my spots away, both the forging one and food/brew one, as you know stuff happened and am not gonna be able to restock much if at all and some day, hopefully not too soon but no one seems to wanna give me a number, I won’t be able to stock at all anymore. So better to give these spots to someone who can stay active for a long time!

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