Now open! The New Slingbow Depot Cheap Food


Announcing the new Slingbow Depot.

What we offer:

24 types of Slingbows
3x3 Hammers,Axes,Shovels “Yes T6”
Food and Drinks
Fast Long Range Grapples
Healing Bomb,Damage,Regen
A few Augments.

All Gathering tools on sale tonight only.

New ways to get to the store. Floor 5 Ultima Mall.

See you soon.



Already bought a emerald crit, all the shield pies, an axe, and a shovel. Will probably see you soon


And a bomb


just sold 10+ bows thanks

Hammers, axes,shovels, 3x3 T6 all 9k today.


Come check out our Food and Brew selection.


Just stocked 5 rank 320 hammers. 10k each 3200 durability. I do not sell by rank. It could be 280 rank or 320-330 rank it will be 10k no matter what.