Now Wenton's been targeted

Considering Wenton doesn’t see much action from real players, I was surprised to see that it’s been subjected to griefing. A wall has been built around my Beacon, a pathway from the capital was destroyed and a tower that someone else built has been partially dismantled.

Putting this in general rather than support as it’s more to vent than anything else :smiley:

If you want it cleared up I can help

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Thank you. I’ve made a start on it and am doing some more at the moment for a short while whilst waiting for food.

Wall around your beacon? Any chance this is a repeat offender? Same grief method as that Ruchs griefer…

Remember to leave some so the devs can inspect it, they may be able to tell who placed it. We cleared out the latest Ruchs griefs before they had a chance.

It’s potentially possible but really I’m surprised that it hasn’t happened more often. That kind of method was bound to happen.

Indeed, I was planning on leaving a section of it so that it could be looked at.

@james / @ben, if you want to inspect it, just go to the Capital and you should see it around my Beacon there.

I’m going off to eat now but will continue the repair work later.

I’ve repaired the path from the Capital, taken down a fair amount of the wall and repaired some of the other person’s tower.

Edit: I find this interesting


There really needs to be a system in which we can find out some way or another who griefed a certain location. Who placed a block, who’s been building in the vicinity recently, etc.

I am so sorry I fell asleep :blush:

No worries :slight_smile: