NPC And where the will be

i was wondering what will happen to all of our buildings will they be used for npc hang outs or will the makers just make villages’ please let me know

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No :kissing_heart:

NPC’s are not currently part of the plan for the game.

Really? I thought the devs had them in mind, but they just weren’t high on the priorities at the moment. Idk tho- ur more active than I am. Could you link the post where they say that?

lol well that helps

do you know what there going to do with all of our stuff then?

What stuff, and why would they do anything with it?

Npc discussions on the forum: (This is just the 4 highest on the serach bar use it guys)

some guy in the game told me they might move our stuff when the game is out of early access i was wondering if that was true.

and if it is i was wondering if it would be like a museum world with every thing that was beacon’d is put in it.

so they havent completely written it off, but it should only be for very specific things.


ok thanks for the info