Number of players in world selection screen

Maybe not permanently, but for now to give players an idea of how many people are on a server and if there is anyone else to play with could we add the number of players on a server on server selection screen?
I know once you connect to it you can see the players in the debug screen, and im guessing when a server says its Quiet it means there arent too many people online…


Yeah i’d be up for this too, they always say quite, not sure how many there needs to be to go over that limit

I would like that too

I’ll see if we can sneak it into the next release



yeah, It’s hard to find people as it is right now. I’d like to see more people in OOrt.

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If Crafting is coming I will be there again for sure :wink:

Yeah I haven’t been on in a while, but will probably play this more than anything else once there’s more stuff to break—steak. I mean steak.

Yeah, speaking of the next release, is there any expected day for 100?
Im trying to be patient, I swear :yum: