Objectives Update Without Cause

I tend to pop between characters a lot. Several times, when signing into a new character soon after completing an objective with old one, an objective that the old character had just completed would update itself without action on the part of the new character.

Just to check, you definitely do not recall completing the task with the new character?

I seen this happen the other day as i switched from my crafter back to my main. It pinged 3 completed tasks that were already completed for my main. I didnt get boxes in the exchange or anything but they did roll across my screen on login.

I can’t be certain that the toon in the first screenshot didn’t mine some ore after getting the objective, but I do know that it updated upon exiting the sanctum, without mining ore during that particular login session. Not sure why mining ore before logging out would trigger the update. I CAN say with absolute certainty, that the other character in the second example pic had never made, acquired, used, or placed a workbench before the objective updated.

From looking at the data, there’s definitely something strange going on with it, so this has been added to the database.

@MoriOni, what were the affected objectives and tasks for you?

Oh man… its been a day or two now… i wanna say it was one of the furnace achievements and a rock refining achievement. But i cant tell you that in 100% confidence cause i just took it as it was and just moved on quickly thinkin meh it just fell behind. Untill i seen this post stating it may have been a bug.

I should probably state that these aren’t the only ones I noticed do this, only the ones I had the presence of mind to screenshot at the time. I tend to get very focused when I have a solid goal in terms of build, sorry.

Let us know if you do notice any other objectives with similar issues.

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