Obnoxious Input Lag

I have finally regained access to my Steam account! Cue shouts of excitement


Joining Boundless again, I have realized my main, and ONLY issue with the game.

I have massive input lag with my mouse and keyboard.

Well, it’s not necessarily, “massive” per se, but… it feels that way while playing. It’s probably a half second or so, but that makes it impossible to be accurate with any form of movement. I’ve had this issue from the beginning of the game, but now I realize what it actually is.

What information would I have to give you in order to help you figure out the issue? I don’t know if it is client-side or not. I hope we can figure this out, and thank you for any help you can give!

Whats your PC set up, OS and hardware? Anything unusual about it?
Also what latency is it reporting (Press . when playing the game to see the debug info).

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Here is a screenshot of my specs. It’s a brand new computer. I just received it almost two weeks ago. I don’t think there is anything unusual to report.

And here is a screenshot of the debug info. The latency fluctuates a lot, but is around 70 frequently.

ALSO it’s a DELL Alienware ANW17-6429SLV gaming laptop.

Any idea, @michaelb ?

Keep in mind their office is in the UK. I’m showing that you posted this at 4:02 PM CST, which is 9pm over there. Might have to wait until Monday for an answer, unfortunately :frowning:

I’m curious to know exactly where / what the lag is. Is it:

  1. Genuinely input lag - ie. there is a latency between the user input and the game receiving the messages.

  2. Rendering lag - ie. there is latency between the user input and the result being rendered.

  3. Network lag - ie. the game renders smoothly but actions sent to the server are slow to respond.

There can basically be lag is many different places.

Does the machine have 2 GPUs? The NVIDIA and possibly an Intel GPU? Maybe the NVIDIA GPU is not being selected.

What FPS are you getting? (Need a screen shot the top right of the metrics.)

Well, from what I am aware of, the Intel is the processor, and the GPU is the NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 980M 4GB GDDR5.

I am getting about 19 FPS when I am full screen, and ~30 when I exit to use my screenshot tool.

I would definitely say that the game is selecting your intel gpu rather than the 980M

I get 30fps with a 750M (which is nowhere near as good)

What are your graphics settings in the game set at?

  • Edit -
    I can’t actually work out if your laptop has dual graphics… maybe it doesnt.
    Therefore I can only think that your settings are either too high, or there is a problem elsewhere in the game that the devs may need to fix.
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Okay, so it looks like my issue actually was the graphics settings. However… I can play with all settings on High and Draw Distance on Medium and have around 50 fps. The main issues were the Per Pixel Lighting and Post Effects. Enabling either of those drains my fps and gives me the input lag.

However… this laptop should not have these issues. The GFX card itself is really great, and so is the processor. It -should- be able to handle Oort Online perfectly. Maybe not Draw Distance Epic and EVERYTHING the highest, but surely better than how it is. I feel like it might not be selecting the NVIDIA, but I really don’t know how to check.

If you share a gist of the game log we can see which GPU it’s selecting. (But as @Squidgy says your machine may only have 1.)

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Yes the log will be interesting to see, the CPU has its own GPU so it may have a mode that selects that but usually there would be an application (eg Nvidia’s software) to select what to use.

At the beginning of this they mention an upgraded power supply for your model else its getting throttled when trying to use the gpu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm016bUgYq8 so thats another thing to check.

Where would I find the game log?

This old support thread has some steps that may help.

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Here is my log on github.

Thank you!

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It is using the intel HD GPU rather than your Nvidia 980m.

d3d11graphicsdriver.cpp(2806): (turbulenz::D3D11GraphicsDriver::Initialize) D3D11Info:
d3d11graphicsdriver.cpp(2826): (turbulenz::D3D11GraphicsDriver::Initialize) Adapter : Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600

Looking at GeForce GTX 980M | Specifications | GeForce it is an Optimus chip. We did put a fix in that should be have made it select the faster GPU but maybe something changed (Windows 10?) that means it does not work in all cases. You should still be able to manually select it as outline here from the Nvida site Nvidia Optimus

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It looks like we reintroduced some bugs when we updated to Boundless and the Optimus fix is missing. We should be able to update a fixed version next week.


The released hot fix should make it choose the fast GPU.