Off-white ancient wood availability

I’m looking for places to farm few stacks. the tone doesn’t matter, i want to try a combination of several colors, just has to be bright.

any tips ?

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What does off-white Mean?

not quite white. like ashen grey or luminous tan

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I Don’t see any good places on the sheet but twisted wood then transform it into ancient wood

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did that once. I’d really like to avoid the transforming part :sweat_smile:
it gon be a big tree…
there isn’t much on perma planets, but found something on few Sovs

edit: ooh, the site has ‘sovereign’ section as well. I’ll check there. thanks

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My sov is ready for a colour change, if that helps?
I have just checked the colour list though, and there doesn’t seem to be much there close to white.


And site still being Updated so it should be accurate still just doesn’t say if it’s locked by user :laughing:

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found some ashen turquoise and stark lavender. they look alright in terms of brightness. if i had a third color in between those 2 that would work. maybe some tan / mustard tone

got a few more planets on my list that i need to get a sample from

then there is the finding of a good farming spot

Cool Taupe is a good color for off-white. SOV planet Moroston has Cool Taupe Ancient.

Planet closes next month, so you have some time

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will check that one. thank you

Also Apt … if you just can’t find an ancient, but do find a color you really like in another type, I can transform it for you. It’s a mindless task I can do while listening to an audio book.

It takes me about 2 days to do 4 SS stacks.

Let me know if you need an assist

@SilverSunn i don’t have anything specific in mind yet. if you want to change colors, don’t wait for me

@AdoraLupinatu thanks. how much per stack ?

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@Apt Just a wave works.

I’ve had so many people give me things I could not charge for giving out help to someone else. Just msg me.

P.S. I’m US Eastern. Just in case that’s a factor