Offset Compass? **slightly**

I think the compass at the top of the screen is slightly offset. I have some screenshots to demonstrate my point:

My tests were done by walking into a flat wall of igneous stone.

I start with my compass facing directly east by lining up the grey arrow on top as central as possible to the ‘E’. Then I walk forwards into the wall. I end up going off to the left.
(Picture 1: standing still, lined up to east. Picture 2: after a couple seconds of walking forwards.)

What demonstrates my point even clearer are these next 2 screenshots. I do the same test as before but I am pointing slightly to the right of the ‘E’ and I am still moving off to the left (albeit very slowly, but still left)

The last screenshot here is me walking into a flat wall after I have found the central point where I do not move left or right. So this should be true east. (I got rid of the stone block to the right of me to illustrate that I’m not being anchored by anything).

Is this a big issue? Hell no.
Does it bother me? Hell no.
Is it wrong? Hello :slight_smile:

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I think that it has something to do with the planet being round, but don’t quote me on that. I realised this not so long ago as well

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I’ve noticed this as well at first when setting up and planting my farm. I would also be going slightly to left or the right. Though IRL I’ve heard if you try to walk straight for long distance you actually will go more to left or right then actually straight. Though this is a game. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@IM2COOL4U001 Yeh it might be put in because the planet is suppose to be round but the planet is actually flat but acts kinda like a treadmill? Don’t quote me on that :joy:

@Ratchel I have no idea about that but you’re probably right :smile: I know that if you were to plot out a planes path going from A to B it would actually look really funky because of the way you map a spherical shape into a flat one. But I wouldn’t have thought the devs would have gone that deep into it :joy:



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But the planets are square and flat???