Ok so how do i get to biitula from my home planet maryx


so my toon is going to be my crafter…problem is I cant make my crafting machines without tech components…from tier 3 worlds .ok so I thought i’d make an agument for my totem…cant do that without an adrenal gland from roadrunners…this is really silly. please help thanks


You can use PS hub. I believe its from maryx. Pheminorum ->gyosha ophan -> biitula


As noted by Buugi, there are several portal hubs that exist that connect all the planets. Portal Seekers and Ultima are the main hubs, though there are new ones like the Hubbit network as well. If you can get to the Portal Seekers hub on Maryx, you can follow the set of portals suggested to get to Biitula. If you aren’t familiar with how to find them, if you see any purple markers on your compass, those are portals, and you want to travel toward them. Make sure to note your home beacon location first, if it isn’t already marked.


If you can see Biitula in the sky, and want to do it the old fashioned way (which is more rewarding in my opinion).

Use Tallow to craft your Fresh Vital Essence for Warp Augments. No glands needed. Pop that sucka in your free handcrafted Totem, point it at that planet and shoot, then travel to sanctum (use the unactivated blocks), and you are a “traveler of the stars!”

Edit: You’ll get a feel of what life was like before portals.