Ok so this started as a joke on player retention but


What if we built a giant 2000-plot long wall separating two cities or areas, then start tweeting about it to trump. If we can get him to retweet it…


And that will help with player retention how exactly???

It might create publicity sure but won’t help with retention in any way…


Publicity, the game needs it. Wonder what the concurrent player chart looks like lately…


Having a large influx of players from trumps demographic makes me shudder.
Also, making light of the real world implications of his wall and immigration polices, even as a joke, to push a game also makes me a tad unsettled. Keep politics for the real world… I need my escapism from all that.


Lol don’t worry I was just meaning while walking around boundless. It feels so empty lately…


I’m with you on that, and it is early here, I’m at work, and i still have my ernest morning face on… I loosen up a bit later :wink:
All up for some ideas on how to stealth promote this game (ie doesn’t cost anything)


Soooo only 2k plots? How thick will we make the wall? Which planet we thinking :thinking: :joy:


Send Putin game invite


Things are so quiet i bet nobody has found my 3 stands with a stack of mixed marble/wicker in each…that have a 1c price. Will see when i get back…


… Was round your place yesterday… Should have looked more carefully :slight_smile:
I’ve had a few stands with free rocks/stones for a while now, that hardly anyone has touched. Might be the colours though.


To me it seems like there’re more players than when I started. Granted I’ve only been playing 5 months but things seems busier to me!


>> DANGER: Hazardous Statement Inside. <<

Since you opened the can of worms for politics, I guess the gloves can come off, Joke or not. I do not care.

This is an extremely bad idea, and a crude thing to joke about, When we are referring to a man that is more or less Running >> █████████████ █████ << , Yes the ███ █████████ ███████ are █████████████ █████ in my book. This is the man you want to be the face of boundless by having him retweet it?

Lets build a wall with the intent to emulate the wants of someone who is a ██████ ██████ of ██████ as a joke?

I am sure the █████ would come out if he thought he could get away with taking it that far.

I am absolutely disgusted by this, Joke or not.

Thank you for locking this, This type of joke haves no place in boundless. 100% ruined my mood.

I got my point across so I have now self censored parts of my post as I am also just as disgusted about posting about this topic.


I’m going to stop this thread at Hitler before anything stupider gets said.