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What this event is all about?

We are about to start our first big guild event. Main purpose of this event is to create new big city which will be a new center of boundless community - meeting place, poral network, shopping center. It will be a city in one rpg/medieval style which will distinguish it from any other cities. We plan to build this whole city within 2-3 hours from the ground up and invite youtubers, streamers to record it. We will make a timelapse of this event and you may be a part of it!

We have gathered over 2000plots to claim whole city area to prevent it from griefers. Plots will be reassigned to player later during this event.

Everyone can participate in this event. There are no restrictions, you just need to have some motivation :)We will try to build 40 structures in 2 hours. That will be the most impressive thing to accomplish in boundless history up to this moment… and a lot of fun!

City layout

Our new city will be surrounded by high city walls. In the center there will be a huge poral hub with over 80 portals accesible for players. There will be also several big player shops where merchants will sell their goods. Around the city square there will be 20 plots for player houses and smaller shops and 19 bigger plots.

Make a reply if you want to reserve certain plots.
Hub area and roads: Karokendo
Plots: probably 4x3 plots size
P1: P2: P3: P4: P5: Warghoul P6 & P7: sam-27 P8: the-moebious P9: P10: Jenndragonfly
P11: SolFall P12: P13: P14: @IAintNerdy 15 P16: P17: DashEWz P18: P19: P20:
Big Plots:
P1: P2: P3: P4: Kirinvar P5 P6: Dhusk P7: P8: P9: P10:
P11: P12: P13: P14: P15 142857 P16: P17: P18: P19:
Big Shops: (Priority for @OmniUno for keeping his shop active for months)
S1: S2: S3: S4: DashEWz

How to join?

If you want to join, make sure your read Information section below. You shall also reserve your plots by replying to this thread. Vote in poll below and in the near future we will assign you a plot for your building. If you don’t have plots at the moment you can reclaim your spot after an event has ended.

City will be built in RPG/Medieval style. This is important. You must know how to create a good looking building. Make some preparations, check this page below buidelines and put some effort into learning medieval style. If you have trouble with creating your own design you can copy one of buildings.


Choose a suitable date for this event. You can choose multiple dates.

  • 21 January
  • 27 January
  • 3 February

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Choose one, we may create building tutorial for purpose of this event.

  • I know how to build and will participate
  • I don’t know how to build but I want to participate

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  • Strict RPG/Medieval naturalistic style: wood, trunks, stone. Natural blocks for decoration
  • If you want to participate you must build your structure within 3 hours. Prepare for that, collect materials, plots, craft tools, separate some time for this event. This is really important for us as we will be recording and streaming whole event.
  • You may choose one small building plots or two if you’re a dedicated Boundless player (100h+) (Security reasons)
  • Big Shops are reserved for dedicated Boundless players who will not leave them empty after 1 month. (also security reasons)


How can you help?

You can help us promote this event! As you may have noticed playerbase in boundless is quite small at the moment. Most players leave because… there are not enough players! :slight_smile:
We shall make this event and make some noise around it to help Boundless attract more players.
And you can help! How?

  • Think about your friends you played Minecraft, other sandbox games with. Make a list of them and tell them about boundless! Later you may send them a video from this event.
  • Think about MMO/games sites you read, make a list of them. You can also do a small research and sendd full list to me. We will contact their stuff and cooperate to create articles about boundless and specificly about this event. If you know any, send me a private message.
  • Maybe you have friends who are youtubers and need good content for their channel? You can also contact them
    We want to provide high quality content for youtubers, redactors and other people that may be beneficial for both sides

More information later :wink:

please be patient

Want to join Chisel Knights?


Plot#4 taken? If not id like to grab it. If so. Plot #6. Please and thanks

I would also like to join and take spot p5.

I would love to join.
I’m interested in Big Plot #4 OR Big Plot #8.

I’m nearing 700 hours of Boundless.

If you like to check out my Home Build, it’s behind this portal on Moebius Plaza in Therka Market:


Actually your house is one of the priettiest I have seen up to date ^^ Our city should be exactly in that styl.

@sam-27 @Warghoul @Kirinvar sure, I’ll assign them to you


Hey Karo! I’d like any of the big plots please. You can pick. I have thousands of Lustrous Timber, Metamorphic Stone (in both regular and refined), lots of brick and more ready to go.

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Hey @Dhusk! I assigned you a Big plot #6 It will be really close to the hub :slight_smile:

Baller. Thanks!

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I would really love P10 to make a little cottage or big plot 14 for a bigger build. I have 625 hrs in Boundless and am very active in a vew different towns. I would like to ask, are those little ones just one plot? how many plots tall are we allowed? If so, I would prefer Big plot 14, if I may :smiley:

Thank u!

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Shop 4 / Plot 10 (or 17) , if only one thing per player then big plot 18 :smiley:

unless dimensons on shops are big enough to keep a storage in them :thinking:

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I would like to claim plot 11 please!


@Jenndragonfly I assigned you plot #10, tell me if you wish to change to big14. There is no limit in heigth as long as you keep in in medieval style

@Dash assigned you shop 4 and plot 17
@SolFall here you go plot 11

Please share some designs soon if possible :slight_smile: It’s not necessary but will help us plan the town better.
This is a very good building design example made by @CosminNegoita


So im plot 6? :slight_smile: ill start getting stuff together this evening for the build. Might think about plot #7 to @Karokendo. That would be 8x6 in then right?

ok small plots are 4x3, what are the other plot sizes? just curious so i know if should change to Big plot 14 :slight_smile:

We can go for that @sam-27 :slight_smile:

@Jenndragonfly probably twice as big

Done deal @Karokendo :slight_smile: and my mistake. It would be 8x3. Cuze the depth wont change but the length will lol.

I’d love to join and build a medieval inn, is P14 free??

I would like “Big Plots 15” if you’re willing to let me have it. I love the idea for this event and I should be able to free up several hundred plots to be able to make something grand for it. (I’d like to build a castle, since we’re going Medieval style)

I would love to join but due to timezone differences, I know I wont be able to join and I don’t have the plots for it and don’t have the energy to get all the materials.

however, I would love to see the time-lapse’s and the videos that will come out after, that way I can see how it got built up.

Wait what? :sweat_smile:

How big is big actually? :scream:

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